What is the most significant occurrences?

The hotest sports windstorm all over the world!

Olympic closing ceremony rated product!

Leading a fashionable sprot trend over the world!

A newest outdoor sports windstorm!

wearing it:you run at the speed of 35kms/h,jump 2 metres high,take one step 2-3 metres!

wearing it:youcan run faster and jump higher!

wearing it:kids can have health body and nimble mind

wearing it: you can have the function for body-buiding, loosing weight and raise up

wearing it:you can create different artistic movements

What is it?

It's the most special and suitable sport for taining of sportmen,it's the newest performance tool for the cricus groups,It's name is powerizer! It's the hotest new favorite for everyone not distingguishing by nationalities ,ages or size!

Details from :www.flyjumper.com