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Naruto and Bleach are the top 2 in the world and One piece comes in third

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What is the most watched anime right now?

Death Note

Is Ulquiorra Hot?

I'm male, but to most of the females who've watched anime/Bleach, he is the sexiest anime male ever created in mankind.

Where can the Reborn anime be watched online?

Which is the most popular anime?

Naruto,Death Note,Bleach I guess. I haven't watched any of them though...

What are some good fighting anime?

Bleach , Naruto , Onepiece , they are the most preferable fighting animes to be watched..

What are the Top 10 most watched Anime in the Philippines?

naruto, one piece, blood, death note

What will happen if you watch anime 24 hours?

then u have watched anime for 24 hrs.

Which is better read fma manga then watch the anime or watch the anime then read the manga?

i watched the anime then watched brotherhood, and i suggest doing so as well. brotherhood is better but you gain a certain appreciation for it if you are obsessed with the fma anime first. :)

Where can someone watch cartoon anime?

Cartoon anime as video can be watched in the movie theaters, on TV and online. Cartoon anime stories with non moving pictures can be watched in magazines, books and online also.

What is Anmie?

Well anime is a website of all cartoons but it is about most anime girls if u have never watched anime cartoons go on Google AND write Anime list so click on anime season and there is all kind of cartoons ! By the way it is anime And u most be stupid to ask this question cause everyone know anime season? Good luck finding it !

Is deathnote good?

Its Best Anime I ever watched.

What anime will make you cry?

For me I cried when I watched Fruits Basket and Fantastic Children.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"Grave of the Fireflies" is among the most poignant and moving of all anime .I recommend Jin Roh.

Where can you watched lovely detective labyrinth?

you can watch that anime show on tv4.

Is there a website where you can keep track of how much anime you watched?


Is there an anime of angel densetsu?

Yes, the first episode can be watched on YouTube.

What is the worst anime you have ever watched?

"Desert Punk" (- it just did not appeal to me) .

What is super effective on Krokodile?

Have you watched pokemon anime it is water and grass

What is the most 1 anime show all over the world?

I heard that InuYasha is a very popular anime that is watched and dubbed/translated in over 60 nations! I absolutely love that show and you should try it!

Is Anime an art?

Anime can be considered an art to some. Anime can also be considered something that people do for fun. Anime is something that is watched, in cartoon form.

Where can you watch the English Dub of the anime Special A?

i watched it all on youtube or anilinkz or veoh?i haven`t watched it in a while now.

Where can you read anime?

Anime is watched, manga is the type that is read. You can read manga on sites like... *mangafox *animea *manga traders *

Which anime show do you think is the best?

One Opinion:Naruto is the best anime ever! It was even said to be the most watched anime ever it's awesomeAnother Opinion:Full Moon wo Sagashite is the best ever hands down! You will love it (You will love it more if you are a girl).

Is Naruto a legend?

Your question may refer to 2 things:The story of Naruto within the series, is not a legend, no.The series itself, which is also not a legend, it's an anime.I could be considered "Legendary" for being the most watched Anime is Japan.

Should you read elfen lied?

i think u should i watched the anime and it is awsome ^_^

What is he difference between anime and manga?

Anime is the version that can be watched. (IE on a TV or on a computer) and manga is the version that can be read (IE in a book, on an e-reader, etc).

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