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What is the most world record for words typed in one minute?


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Typing, Fastest. Mrs. Barbara Blackburn of Salem, Oregon can maintain 150 wpm for 50 min (37,500 key strokes) and attains a speed of 170 wpm using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (DSK) system. Her top speed was recorded at 212 wpm. Source: Norris McWhirter, ed. (1985), THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, 23rd US edition, New York: Sterling Publishing Co


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Barbara Blackburn holds the world record. 212wpm

The fastest typer in the world is: Stella Pajunas-Garnand, in Chicago, who typed 216 words per minute (wpm). Which is about 3.6 words per second.

Roger Bannister was the first person to break the the 4 minute record in a mile as a world record.

A world record that has never, ever been experienced before, and most likely would never be experienced again. Good typists type between 60-80 words per minute. Fast typists type between 80-110 words per minute. Very fast typists can reach speeds of 120 words per minute. Transcriptionists often reach speeds of 140-160 words per minute. The best typists can type 160-240 words per minute. The world record for typing speed is 360 words per minute with a 97.23% accuracy rate (meaning very few mistakes). 4,000 words per minute would be a record that would hold forever!

324 is 1:30 one minute thirty

I'm not positive, but I believe that the record of jumps in one minute is 61 jumps.

I was actually curious about this myself. I set a timer for 1 minute and tried this. I heard that the world record is in the seventies, and I beat it!! The new world record is 114!!

the world record for eating vidalia sweet onions , in a 30 minute sitting, is 24

I just broke the record and it was 645,000,069. YES!

Its actually just an expression. It just means the person talks very fast. although ; The Current WORLD RECORD is 637 Words per Minute! That's 10.25 Words per second!

The world record for the most crackers eaten in one minute was by Ambrose Mendy by eating three Jacob's cream crackers. Mendy set this record on October 29, 2002.

According to Guinness it is now 77 a minute.104 Is the record!

According to the link below, yes, he is the fastest typer in the world with a record of 6000 words per minute.Who_holds_world_record_fastest_typer

There is probably no such record. If there is, it might not be held by a human being.

According to Guinness it is now 77 a minute.

Pete Czerwinski holds the Guinness World record of the most Jaffa cakes eaten in one minute.

20 pairs, which beat Dick and Dom's record of 16.

The current world record holder is Steve Woodmore from London UK, a speed of 637 words per minute set in 1990. Fran Capo beat Steve's earlier record and for a few months she was the record holder until Steve took it back and set the current record.

i think the world record is 54 but im not sure

No, the World Record is 2:11.96 - Noah Ngeny of Kenya (record set in 1999)

No, the World Record is 2:11.96 - Noah Ngeny of Kenya (record set in 1999)

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