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Q: What is the motorcycle limit for a 20-year-old on the road?
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What is the legal limit of a motorbike tire?

All vehicles get the speed limit on the road, whether it is a motorcycle motorbike or whatever, it it is a vehicle it has a speed limit.

What is the age limit to ride a dirt bike on a road?

16 and you have to have a class motorcycle license.

Is there an age limit for motorcycle passengers in Mississippi?

No, there is no limit in MS.

What is the speed limit for a motorcycle on a highway?

the posted speed limit

When was Road Rats Motorcycle Club created?

Road Rats Motorcycle Club was created in 196#.

Motorcycle age limit?

In Texas no child under the age of five is allowed to ride on a motorcycle even in the side car. In order to drive a motorcycle you need to be 15.

What is the speed limit on emirates road?

I think that the speed limit on emirates road is 120kph

Age limit to drive a motorcycle in Arkansas?


What is the age limit to be a passenger on a motorcycle in Idaho?


Is there a limit to what size motorcycle a sixteen year old can ride in Oklahoma?

No there is no limit at age 16.

Can you drive on the road in AR with a motorcycle permit?

Yes; as long as you have a motorcycle license and it is tagged.

What motorcycle you can ride on and off road?


What cc motorcycle can you drive at 16?

Well, it depends on what state you are in, but if you have your motorcycle license, there is no limit to how many cc bike you can have.

What is the passenger age limit on a motorcycle in Georgia?

Any age

Age limit to drive a motorcycle?

16 is the legal age

In Ohio what is the age limit for a passenger on a motorcycle?

There isn't one.

What is the age limit to be a passenger on a motorcycle in south Florida?


What is the highest cc of a motorcycle you can drive on the road in Minnesota without a motorcycle licence?

50cc or less.

What website can you get a motorcycle for a 11 year old?

You can get a motorcycle at 4 Stewart Road High Wycombe.

What does it take to get motorcycle lisence?

To get a motorcycle licence, you must first apply for the motorcycle learner's permit before you receive a street legal motorcycle; you can then take the written and road test to get your motorcycle licence.

What is the average wage for a motorcycle instructor?

A motorcycle instructor is responsible for teaching his students how to safely operate a motorcycle on the road. The average wage for a motorcycle instructor is approximately $37,000.

What has the author Ed Youngblood written?

Ed Youngblood has written: 'John Penton and the off-road motorcycle revolution' -- subject- s -: Biography, Motorcycle racing, Motorcycling, Motorcyclists 'Heroes of Harley-Davidson' 'Hillclimbing - Motorcycles -' 'Take It to the Limit - The Dave Mungenast Way'

Is it legal to ride a motorcycle without a license?

No, you must have a license to ride a motorcycle on a public street or road.

Why is it difficult to drive a motorcycle on a oily road?

Oil present on the surface of a road reduces the amount of friction that the tires of a motorcycle have with the pavement. Without an adequate amount of friction, the balance of the motorcycle becomes much more difficult to maintain.

What is the cc limit for scooters without a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania?