What is the motto of 2011 Commonwealth Games?

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Come out and play

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Q: What is the motto of 2011 Commonwealth Games?
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What is the 2014 motto for the commonwealth games?

People, Place, Passion is the 2014 motto for the Commonwealth Games.

Who is the mascot for the Commonwealth Games in 2011?

There will be no commonwealth games in 2011.

What is the motto for the Glasgow commonwealth games?

The motto for the 2014 Commonwealth Games that were held in Glasgow, Scotland, was 'People, Place, Passion.'

What is the motto of the Commonwealth Games?

The official motto for the Commonwealth Games is "Humanity-Equality-Destiny." The motto encourages athletes to give all their best while showing good sportsmanship.

How does the Commonwealth Games motto inspire athletes?

The motto of the Commonwealth Games is :" Come out and play "Thus, it inspires people to represent their nations and be daring to face challenges.

What is the motto for 2010 commonwealth games?


What other name did 1990 Auckland commonwealth games have?

The 1990 Commonwealth Games did not have a separate name, the Commonwealth Games in total have the nickname of the "Friendly Games" and the motto for the 1990 Games was "This is the Moment"

What is the real motto of Commonwealth Games?

Humanity - equality - destiny

What is the Commonwealth games official theme?

The Commonwealth Games have the nickname the "Friendly Games" which is the theme they operate under. There is no specific theme tune or logo for Commonwealth Games as a total with each Games having their own individual logo, theme tune and motto

What is the moto of commonwealth games 2010?

The motto of cwg 2010 is humanity-equality-destiny.

Does the commonwealth games have a symbol?

Yes, each different games has a different motto and mascot while the Commonwealth Games Federation has a logo - the related link below shows you the Federation logo

What is Commonwealth Secondary School's motto?

Commonwealth Secondary School's motto is 'Ever with the Best'.

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