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East Rochester Junior-Senior High School's motto is 'Tradition and Vision'.


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Christchurch East School's motto is '-->'.

The motto of Hazelwood East High School is 'Home of the Spartans'.

The motto of East Bay High School is 'Aiming for Excellence!'.

The motto of Landmark East School is 'Canada's Independent School for Students with Language and Learning Disabilities'.

The motto of East Haven High School is 'Exploring, Empowering, Achieving'.

The motto of East Brunswick High School is 'Justi, Fideles, Elati'.

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The motto of East Spring Primary School is 'Excellence for Success'.

East Lyme High School's motto is 'A Tradition of Excellence'.

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The address of the East Rochester Public Library is: 57 Main Street, East Rochester, 03868 6006

The motto of East Providence High School is 'Home of Townie Pride'.

The motto of East Leyden High School is 'What's best for the kids'.

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