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First of all it is a code that you can play as special characters.





We do not have a code for this ability yet sorry.

Some one may edit this and put the correct code and if you add a code and it is wrong i will delete it.

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What is new Super Mario Bros action replay?

new super Mario bros is a DS game and action replay are some cheats for Nintendo DS

What are super Mario galaxy action replay codes?

earch codejunkie's (have powersave's (action replay)

What is the action replay code for invincibility on super Mario world gba?

I dont think there are any action replay invincibility codes for Super Mario World on gameboy.

Can you be invisible in Super Mario Bros with the action replay?


Can you get new Super Mario Brothers with action replay only?


How do you do the flying cheat in new Super Mario Bros?

you have to have a action replay

Super Mario 64 ds action replay?

im not telling you

How do you rid of the water in Super Mario 64 DS?

Action Replay..............................................................

How do you unlock waluigi in super Mario 64 with action replay?

Waluigi is not in Super Mario 64. He is also not in the DS remake.

What is the New Super Mario Brothers action replay id?


Action replay id for new Super Mario Brothers?


Where can you get super Mario all-stars?

You Could Get A Action Replay And Hack It

How do you hack new Super Mario Brothers?

You'll need an Action Replay.

Is there any action replay codes for super paper Mario?

i hope there is moonjump

How do you get on the ceiling for Super Mario 64 ds?

Use an AR (Action Replay)

How do you play as peach on Super Mario 64?

Get Action Replay, get hacks, kthxbye.

How do you be peach in Super Mario Brothers ds?

You can't unless you get action replay.

In super Mario 64 ds what is the action replay cheat for getting baby Mario?

There isn't one.

Can you be the blue Mario in new Super Mario Brothers?

No.Unless you hack the game with action replay,It is not possible.

Is there an action replay code to play as raccoon Mario in new super Mario bros?

No but there is some for items and levels

How do you get action replay on New Super Mario Brothers?

Buy it at any game store

Is there an action replay code to play as peach in super Mario 64 ds?

Yes there is.

How do you unlock fly guy in New Super Mario Brothers?

You can only do it with an action replay.

What is the code to add New Super Mario Bros to your action replay?


How do you play Boo on Super Mario 64 DS?

you can't, but if you have a action replay code, you can