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Real life

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Q: What is the movie where a baby is born and kills?
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The movie had a fashion doll come to life?

Annabelle Annabelle is a scary movie it kills a baby

Why won't the baby be born in the movie twilight?

the baby wont be born in the twilight movie because the baby is born in the 4th book, so you have to wait for the fourth moive.

Why was Alexander miles childhood so brutal?

he was born with a disease call born bad who kills the baby's but now they made an vaccine for the baby's

Movie where baby is born in Kmart?

i dont know about kmart. but there is a movie [Where the Heart Is] where a baby is born in wal-mart

When does a baby life begin?

At conception. Legally, the baby has no rights until born. However, anyone who kills an unborn baby EXCEPT the mother would be guilty of a serious crime.

Does the baby live after its born in the movie shes having a baby?

if you are talking about "where the heart is" (year 2000 movie) ...then yes, the baby does live and her name is americus.. i hope i helped and this was the movie you are talking about. :D

Will The Baby Born In Breaking Dawn Be In The Twilight Movie?


When In The Movie Will Edward And Bella's Baby Be Born?

It will be in the last movie Breaking Dawn near the middle of the movie.

Which movies have a baby being born in the movie?

To many to count

Paranormal Activity what happened to Katie?

Actually she kills Micah, then goes to her sisters house, kills her brother in-law and kills her sister. She kills her brother in-law by cracking his neck or something. Then she goes upstairs and kills her sister and takes her baby. The End. The whereabouts of Katie and baby Hunter, remain unknown.

When is Machete Kills coming out?

The movie Machete Kills will be released sometime in 2013.

What is it called when a mother kills her baby?


What is the name of the movie about an infant girl born after her father kills a polar bear and her mother escapes on dogsled?


Who kills guys by seducing them a movie a movie?

Basic instinct

What is the horror movie IT about?

IT kills people

When was Natalia Kills born?

Natalia Kills was born on August 15, 1986, in Bradford, England, UK.

What funny zombie movie had a baby born out of a radio?

BRAINDEAD, came out in 1992

Name of movie where yogurt kills?

The Stuff!

When was Tinkerbell was born?

no one really knows all we know is that she was born of baby's laughter they didn't explain it in the movie

What is the movie about the guy who kills people on the internet?

Its called from the movie Untraceble.

What movie has a tooth fairy that kills people?

The Tooth Fairy, a movie from 2006.

Why mucosolvan is not recommended in pregenency?

it kills the baby that you give birth to

Can you kill the baby iside of you if you just got pregnant?

smoking slowly kills the baby thanks Dr.Reslema.eldavelt

Who kills prime?

In the second movie Megatron killed him

What movie has a man how kills women with a clown mask?


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