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What is the mystery event on Pokemon Ruby?

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yes it is on Pokemon ruby

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Mystery gift ruby?

There's no "Mystery Gift" in Ruby, but there is a "Mystery Event". To activate it, go to the guy in the Petalburg City Pokemon Center who accepts profiles. Use this as your profile: "Mystery Event Is Exciting".

What does mystery event do in Pokemon ruby?

i don't know i never checked it out

How do you play the Mystery event in Pokemon ruby?

Need to use link cables.

Can you catch deyoxs in Pokemon Ruby?

yes but i have no idea how i think it has to be a mystery gift event

What are the different Pokemon from ruby and sapphiee?

In Pokemon Ruby,You get Groudon,Rayquaza,Regiice,Regirock,Registeel and Latios.In Pokemon Sapphire You get Kyogre,Rayquaza,Regirock,Regiice,Registeel and Latias.If you get the Mystery event or Mystery gift,You can get the tickets to get Jirachi and Deoxys.Extra: In Emerald you can get ALL of those Pokemon (legendary Pokemon in Ruby and Sapphire).But if you get the Eon ticket from Mystery event or Mystery gift,You can go get Latios if you caught Latias and Latias if you caught Latios.(Only in emerald).

How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon ruby?

mystery gift at Nintendo event or action replay but its cheating ;)

How do you catch reisteel in Pokemon Diamond?

In order to catch Registeel in Pokemon diamond, you need to have gotten a level 100 Regigias from a mystery event. This mystery event has passed, so you can no longer get Registeel in Pokemon diamond, unless a friend trades you the mystery event Registeel. The only other way to get Registeel is to trade him from Pokemon emerald, ruby, or sapphire.

How to get mystery gift on Pokemon Ruby?

To enable the use of Mystery Gift in Pokemon Ruby, you must travel to Petalburg city and walk into the Pokemon center. There should be a boy with dark-coloured hair near a PC; talk to him and he will ask you for your profile - Select yes and type in "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING". Enter this phrase and Mystery Gift will be enabled once you save and turn off the power. Link with other people to receive your Mystery Gift/Event.

Is the Mystery Egg event in Pokemon Black in Dubai?

How long does it take to beat Pokemon Ruby Answer Well at most time at least 1 day.

When you get the mystery event in Pokemon ruby what happens?

you need to go to a convention to get deoxys and stuff like that. or so I've herd.

Why cant i get Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire to work for Mystery Event?

It doesn't work because those things are built into the game and only work for a Pokemon event. For instance, recently there was a Pokemon event where you could get Darkrai (for Diamond and Pearl), and if you went to a ToysRUs, then the Mystery Gift would work. There was also one for Deoxys at Gamestop recently. I don't know of any ones for Ruby and Sapphire, but if you watch the Pokemon home page, they tell you about them there.

How do jou get the mystery gift in Pokemon ruby or sepphire?

go to Petalburg city an go in to the PC and go to the guy next to were you get youre Pokemon and say mystery event is excellent but you have about 5 and up bages

How do you get mysteriticket on Pokemon emerald?

you get the mystery ticket from an event outside the game or mix records from ruby orSapphire from a player that has the ticket. I beat emerald but i do not have the mystery ticket. from,pirate13.

What is the password for the mystery gift in Pokemon ruby?

mystery gift is exciting

How do you use the Mystery Events option with the Ruby and Sapphire Version?

Unlike the former Pokemon games Mystery Gift is used for NoA Events only. NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event This is currently the only known reason for Mystery Gift.

How do you get mystery gift event?

Go to a Pokemon event.

How do you get the Mystery Ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

you have to mix records with sapphire/ruby and then you get the ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you use the mystery event button in Pokemon sapphire?

to bad buddy to use the mystery event button you have to be in a Pokemon event and wait in the year 2004

Where you can find the mystery road in Pokemon ruby?

Mystery road doesn't exist.

How do you get mystery event in ruby?

talk to the man next to the PC in petalburg city tell hi Mystery event is exciting save and turn off your game and press a on mystery event.

How do you get the Mystery Event after you have the Mystery Gift in Pokemon dimiond?

on certain days activate the mystery gift and you may get an event

How do you use mystery event in Pokemon Sapphire?

If you got the cheat in Pokemon sapphire you used mystery event if its working. here is your cheat code. mystery event: 2d556f1sf99 3862w257s 249da87099 129488t76

How do you get mystery event in Pokemon Emerald?

to get mystery event finish the Pokemon league and go to petalburg city then talk to the boy standing near PC and write "mystery event is exciting"then save restart the game you see a new option called mystery event

How do you get the mystery gift in Pokemon Ruby?

you go to petalburg go to p.c and go to the guy who is next to the computer and he'll ask can i see your profile say yes then say" mystery event is exciting". yhen mystery gift is unlocked

Can you get the mystery ticket on Pokemon ruby without cheats?

no you cant