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While your question is horridly worded......The F-16 can turn very sharp due to it's small size for a jet fighter, wing shape, and light weight.

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How sharp are kangaroos teeth?

Kangaroos teeth are very sharp because they have to turn tough grass into pulp in the mouth.

The definition very sharp best fits this word?

Very sharp best fits the word razor sharp.

How sharp are wolf's claws?

very sharp

How sharp are alligators teeth?

very sharp

How sharp is a husky claws?

very sharp

Are a tiger's teeth sharp?

very sharp

How sharp are crocodile teeth?

Very sharp

How sharp are cows horns?

very sharp

How sharp are lions feet?

Actually, their feet are not sharp but their claws are very sharp

What is a kind of aircraft is a glider?

It is a very light aircraft with no engine.

How sharp are their theeth?

Very sharp like a shake

How sharp is a road runners beak?

very sharp

How sharp is the beak of a giant squid?

Very sharp

How sharp are Tasmanian devils teeth?

very sharp

What color are tiger claws?

tiger claws are very sharp. when it tries to kill an animal that causes the claws to turn tan or black.

How sharp are tigers teeth?

Razor sharp. Very sharp. Can bite through flesh.

Are mongooses dangerous?

They can be very dangerous with their sharp teeth and sharp claws, and most can be very aggressive.

Does a leopard have sharp teeth?

Yes they have VERY sharp teeth

Does a hippo have sharp teeth?

they have very big sharp teeth

Is monkey's teeth sharp?

It may not look sharp, but in truth the monkey has very sharp teeth.

Do owls have sharp hearing?

yes owls have very sharp hearing.

Do rattlesnakes have sharp teeth?

rattle snakes do have very sharp teeth

Why convex mirrors are fixed on very sharp turns of the roads of the mountains?

Convex mirrors are fixed on very sharp turns of the roads of mountains Because convex mirror diverges the image and due to divergence we can know about the car coming from the other side of the turn as the image reflected is greater.

How do you wash a sharp knife?

very, very carefully

What is a very small aircraft called?

a light plane or simply just a small aircraft