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Σοφία (Sofia)

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Q: What is the name Sophie in Greek?
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Why is the name Sophie greek?

Because it is

What does Sophie mean in German?

ANSWER Female name for Sophie, Sophy, Sophia.

What does your name mean its Sophie?

Sophie is a French form of Sophia which means "wisdom" in Greek.

What is the Origin of word Sophie?

"Sophie" is a short form of the name Sophia, which means "wisdom" in Greek.

What does Sophie mean in latin?

It means "wisdom". The Greek word for wisdom is "sophia", and "Sophie" is the French form of the name.

What is the history of the name Sophie?

Sophie is the best name in the whole wide world theres lots of sophies but i am he best one noone copy my name!!! from Sophie Sophie aka Sophie if your name is Lucy then goo! away! bye Sophie Very nice, Sophie. Now, back to the question at hand. The name comes from the Greek goddess of wisdom, Sophia, which is why the names Sophia and Sophie both mean wisdom.

What are the origins of the name Sophie?

Gender: Girl Origin: Greek Meaning: Wisdom

What does the name sophi mean?

The meaning of the name Sophie is 'wisdom'. Please see the related link below for more information.

What does the name Sophie Wynder mean?

The name Sophie comes from the Greek name "Sophia" and means "wisdom". The Wynder family name originated in England in the forms "Winder" and "Wynder", although it's travelled internationally and has a strong basis in North America.

What is the birth name of Sophie Altman?

Sophie Altman's birth name is Sophie Robinson.

What is the birth name of Sophie Cossaeus?

Sophie Cossaeus's birth name is Sophie Weingrtner.

What is the birth name of Sophie Stierle?

Sophie Stierle's birth name is Sophie Boehringer.