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What is the name and lyrics that Desi Arnaz sang on the 'I Love Lucy' show which had the words - chick chickie boom?

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2009-10-12 00:25:19

The name of the song is CUBAN PETE

They call me Cuban Pete

I'm the king of of rhumba beat

When I play the maracas I go chick-chicky boom chick-chicky


Yes sir, I'm Cuban Pete

I'm the craze of my natives street

When I start to dance everything goes chick-chicky boom

chick-chicky boom

The Senoritas they sing and how they swing with this sombrero

It's so very nice, so full of spice

And when they dance they bring a happy ring of vaqueros

Singing a song all day long

So if you like the beat take a lesson from Cuban Pete

And I'll teach you to chick-chicky boom chick-chicky boom

chick-chicky boom

Si, Senorita I know that you will like the chicky boom chick

Cause it's the dance of latin romance

And Cuban Pete doesn't teach you in a hurry like Arthur


I come from Havana and theres always manana so Senorita.... Oh


Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo):

They call me Sally Sweet

I'm the queen of Delancy Street

When I start to dance everything goes chick-chicky boom

chick-chicky boom

Excuse me Mr.Pete

Dezi Arnez (Ricky Ricardo):

Yes Ma'am

Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo):

Have the Cubans a different beat?

If they have will you teach me to chick chick-chicky boom

chick-chicky boom

Dezi Arnez (Ricky Ricardo):

Si, Senorita I know you will like the chicky-boom-chick (yea,


It's so very nice so full of spice I place my hand on your hip and

if you will just give me your hand then we shall try just you and



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