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I'm pretty sure that this is the Renaissance

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Name for the age of exploration and artistic achievement in Europe?


What was the name given to the period of intellectual inquiry exploration and artistic expression in Europe following the middle ages?


How do you get achievement 77 on achievement unlocked?

Type in the programmer's name (jmtb02)

What is the name of a artistic writing?


What is the name of the artistic retreat in Europe possibly Spain frequented during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century by American writers of the day?

Andalusia or Mallorca Spain.

What does kalton mean?

is the name of artistic person

The meaning of the boy's name Aison?

artistic and creative,

What is the name for a person with an artistic interest in movies?


How do you get the achievement 77 on Achievement Unlocked?

For achievement 77, Programmer's credit, you must type "jmtb02" in while playin the game.type the programmer's name. (jmtb02)

Name one renaissance achievement mathematics and one renaissence achievement in astronomy and explain the importance of each?

Contribution to polymaths is one renaissance achievement in mathematics.

What did the ancient Romans call an additional fourth name given to a person to mark an achievement?

The honorific fourth name given for a personal achievement was called an "agnomen".

What name means artistic?

artful ful of art artist

Name a sport that uses artistic abilities in the Olympics?


What was the name of Picasso's first major artistic style?

Rose period

How did Europe get its name Europe?

It is said that we got the name from Phoenician princess. Her name was Europa.

Name one particular achievement of Louis Pasteur?


When did Europe get its name?

It is unknown to when Europe was actually first called Europe; the only thing known about the name is the etymology.

What did Europe get its name from?

Europe received its name from a princess in Greek Mythology, Europa.

What is another name for Northern Europe?

Norden is another name for Northern Europe.

When did Europe become known as Europe and not as Christendom?

Europe has always had the name Europe. It was said that Europe was named after a Phoenician princess. Her name was Europa. Muslims often referred Europe as Christendom. Land of Christians

Name a sport that uses artistic abilities?

Gymnastics, especially the "floor routine"

Who is the current artistic director of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden?

As of August 2013, you can review the list, below, to determine the name you want. There is no listing for 'artistic director'.

What happened to terence Trent d'arby?

Birth name Terence Trent Howard, artistic name Terence Trent D'arby. Back in 2001 he changed his name in Sananda Maitreya which after 2 years also became his stage name. He is still recording music and successfully selling out concerts and touring in Europe. Check out his official website

What does the name Bay mean?

Bay is a common nickname for many girls- in which the name means a artistic and energized girl.

Where did the seas of Europe get their names?

where did the seas of europe get their name