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It is the period known as the Renaissance (rebirth, renewal).

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Q: What was the name given to the period of intellectual inquiry exploration and artistic expression in Europe following the middle ages?
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Role of age of renaissance to the age of exploration?

The Age of Renaissance laid the groundwork for the Age of Exploration by sparking a surge in intellectual curiosity, artistic expression, and technological advancements, especially in areas like cartography and navigation. The Renaissance emphasis on humanism and individualism also contributed to a spirit of exploration and discovery. This cultural and intellectual climate, combined with the economic motives of trade and colonization, propelled European powers into the Age of Exploration.

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What is the term for the historical period of intellectual and artistic creativity?

The Renaissance was the historical period of the intellectual and artistic creativity. The European Renaissance occurred in the 14th to 17th centuries.

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WHERE was the intellectual and artistic capitol of Europe during the late medieval period?


What was the time of growth of intellectual and artistic learning called?

The Golden Age of Athens.