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What is the name for email shorthand?

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emoticon - 201a. = corsEts 215a. = deplOyment 224. succInctly 237a. rhinO 244a. coNcern e?o?i?on = emoticon Te Auta

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Q: What is the name for email shorthand?
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What does 'HTH' stand for in email shorthand?

HTH means 'hope this helps'.

What does colon hyphen asterisk mean?

:-* is email/sms shorthand for "kiss." eyes : nose - lips *

What is the Term for shorthand name of an element?


What is he shorthand name for adenosine diphosphate?


What is the American name for shorthand typist?

Possibly Stenographer

What is the Important of shorthand writing?

my name is pushpen mandal

Does every element in the periodic table have a name and a shorthand symbol?


A chemical symbol is a shorthand way of writing the name of?

... the 'name' and chemical (elemental) composition of a substances molecule.

What is London 2012?

It is the shorthand name for the olympics being held in london in 2012.

What is the shorthand for an angry face?

the shorthand for a angry face :@

What is the shorthand symbol for plaintiff?

Π in legal shorthand

What is the shorthand for q and a?

Q&A is already shorthand for "question and answer."

What is the shorthand symbol for 'of'?

The only shorthand symbol I can think of for 'of' is o/.

What is the shorthand for a crying face?

the shorthand for a crying face :'( Also, ='[ and ='( and :'[

What does a triangle stand for in shorthand?

The triangle in shorthand means "therefore"

When was Simson Shorthand created?

Simson Shorthand was created in 1881.

What has the author Jane B Friedlin written?

Jane B. Friedlin has written: 'Stenospeed shorthand' -- subject(s): Shorthand, Stenospeed 'Stenospeed, ABC shorthand' -- subject(s): Shorthand

What is the relationship between shorthand and tpewriting?

Back before computers and email were commonly used in business, most people had access to a secretary, either their own or as part of a "pool." If you wanted to send a letter or message to someone, you dictated it to a secretary who wrote it down in shorthand, then typed it on his/her typewriter. Business schools for secretarial skills typically trained their students in shorthand as well as typing skills.

What has the author Clarence Chrisman written?

Clarence Chrisman has written: 'New century shorthand' -- subject(s): Shorthand 'New century shorthand' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Chrisman, Shorthand

What are the problems encountered in teaching typewriting and shorthand in secondary schools?

shorthand in secondary school is very hard to do but as for secretary have learnt to do shorthand

What is the average shorthand speed per minute?

What is the average shorthand speed?

What is the shorthand for a crying face on facebook chat?

:'( is the shorthand for crying face.

What is the Shorthand notation for tungsten?

W this is the chemical symbol and is acceptable as a shorthand answer

How do you write happy birthday in gregg shorthand?

Happy Birthday in Shorthand

How are diploid cells represented in shorthand?

diploid cells represented in shorthand