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Q: What is the name for the compound ICI?
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Is ici compound or element?

Neither. ICI is a company.

Is ICI and element?

No. It is a compound of iodine (I) and chloride (Cl). Both are elements.

How do you you say here in French?

here is 'ici' in French.

What does ici mean in french?


What is same here in french?

pareil ici, c'est pareil ici, c'est la même chose ici

When was ICI Pakistan created?

ICI Pakistan was created in 1952.

When was ICI House created?

ICI House was created in 1958.

When was Ici Paris created?

Ici Paris was created in 1941.

What is ICI?

ICI Construction stands for Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Construction.

What does rester ici mean?

Rester ici means 'to stay here' in English.

When was C'était ici created?

C'était ici was created on 2002-09-30.

What is 'you start here' in French?

Tu commences ici, vous commencez ici.