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A church is called Knesiya in Hebrew - כנסיה

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House of prayer for Jesus = k'nessiyah (כנסיה)

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Q: What is the name in Hebrew for house of prayer for Jesus?
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What is the name in Hebrew Jesus house of prayer?

Jesus house of prayer = בית כנסת

Can you give me a Bible prayer to cast out demons from a house?

There is no specific prayer. You need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And then you go and cast the demons out in Jesus name. There is power in his name not in a prayer. you need to believe and accept him in your heart.

Is it true that Jesus name is not Jesus as there is no J in the Hebrew alphabet?

The name "Jesus" is an anglicized version of the Greek name "Iesous," which itself is a transliteration of the Hebrew name "Yeshua" or "Yehoshua." The Hebrew alphabet does not have a letter for "J," but Jesus' name has been commonly rendered as "Jesus" in English translations of the Bible.

What is Jesus's name meaning is there?

The name Jesus is the Hebrew name Joshua. It means "Jehovah is salvation" in Hebrew. And it means "is the Savior" in Greek.

What is the name of the prayer Jesus told christians to use?

It is called the lords prayer.

Where does the name Bethany originate from?

Bethany is a Hebrew name meaning "house of figs". In the Bible, it's the name of a village that Jesus stayed in during Holy Week.

What is the Hebrew name for jesus without vowels?

Jesus = ישו

Is the pagan greek name Jesus sacred or did God ordain a Hebrew name for Himself as Son and used?

The name "Jesus" is not a pagan name or a Greek name. It is the Greek pronunciation of a Hebrew name.

What are the three names for a synagogue in Hebrew and Enghish?

The three names for a synagogue in Hebrew are Beit Knesset (בית כנסת), Beit Tefillah (בית תפילה), and Beit Midrash (בית מדרש). The equivalent names in English are Synagogue, House of Prayer, and House of Study.

Hebrew word-In the name of Jesus?

beshem yeshu

What year was jesus name created?

Jesus Christ's real Hebrew name is Yeshua. It is a name that has existed for thousands of years.

What is the Hebrew name for prayer dance?

Prayer dance = rikkud shel tfilah (ריקוד של תפילה)