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Leda was the mother of Helen in greek mythology. Zeus took her in the form of a swan, and she gave birth to her children like a swan would- with eggs.

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Q: What is the name of Helen of Troy's mother?
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Helen of troys mother?

Most likely Helen of Troy's mother was Zeus and Leda.

Who was Helen of troys mother married to?

The mother of Helen of Troy was Leda who was married to King Tyndareus of Sparta.

Who was helen of troys husben before paris?

Menelaus .

What is Helen of troys sacred animals?

Helen isn't a goddess, thus no animals are sacred to her.

Do you agree that Helen of Troys beauty is worth dying for?

no i don't

What was Helen of troys weapon?

if you had read the lost hero it would be pipers knife

What is Helen of troys symbol?

Her beauty was her symbol. She did not have a symbol like Zues had his lightning bolt. This is because she is only a demi godess. Her father, Zeus, was a God, but her mother, Leda, was a mortal.

What is the prince of troys name?


What is troys name?

Zac Efron

Who is Helen of Troy's mother?

Her name was Leda.

Where did the name Helen come from?

Heln came from her mother's side of the family. Helen's mother's name was Helen and her littl e sister, Mildred, her name came from her father's side of the family. Arthur Keller, he father, wanted to name her Mildred.

Who was Heracles's mother?

Hermione was the daughter of Menelaus and Helen. Helen was later known as 'Helen of Troy'.