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Q: What is the name of Japanese padded quilt?
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What are unique Japanese city home furnishings?

there are sliding paper screens to arrange as needed and straw mats on the floor. They sleep on a padded quilt called a futon

What is the word for padded in Japanese?

綿入れ /wa ta i re/ means 'padded with cotton, cushioned'. Be more specific on padded what please.

How do you find the name of a quilt block?

How do you find a quilt block by name only

What is the name of a padded footstool?

A padded footstool is called an ottoman.

What is another name for a low padded seat?

the answer is " ottoman" a low padded seat

What is Quilt City US?

Quilt City USA is the name that Paducah, Kentucky has chosen to call itself because of the huge quilt festival they hold there. It is also the name of a retail outlet that sells quilt fabric and accessories.

What is a name for lightweight quilt?


When and where was the quilt invented?

No one knows the exact origin of the quilt; however, the earliest known example dates back to Egypt in 960 BCE. The word quilt is from the Latin word calcite which means padded and tied mattress.

What is a quilt cover?

A quilt cover is the other name for a duvet cover. The quilt cover is the bedding that people cover themselves with at night to protect them from the excessive cold.

What is the name of a low padded seat?

A low padded seat is called an Ottoman, also known as a foot stool.

When was the olden day quilt invented?

It is impossible to place a definite date on the invention of the quilt. "Quilted" textiles, or fabrics layered with some sort of batting to create bulk or warmth, can be traced back to medeival times, when padded garments were worn beneath suits of armor. Quilt-like textiles with intricate stitching, applique and many forms of piece-work are represented in collections of ancient artifacts dating to the ancient Egyptians.

What is the futon?

As far as I know, Futon refers to a traditional Japanese style bedding consisting of padded mattresses. Do you mean "mutton"?