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The name of Ludacris' new album is Ludaversal and features the songs "Jingalin" and "Representin." The album is set to be released in the first quarter of 2013.

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Christopher Brian Bridges, better known as Ludacris is an American rapper. His latest album, Battle of the Sexes was released in 2010 and he has a new album called Ludaversal coming out later in 2013.

Ludacris recently came out with a new album called Battle of the Sexes and includes How Low and My Chick Bad.

Christopher Brian Bridges is ludacris name

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''Ludacris'' is actually spelled Ludicrous, and it means krazy. The rapper ''Ludacris'' spells his name like ''Ludacris'' because his rap flow is krazy.

you mean the 2009 new album?

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as of 3rd of may, the name of the album is change

Some artists, possibly Ludacris, list the lyrics inside the album cover. Purchase the album, remove the booklet, look inside to see if the lyrics are listed.

The rap star's sixth solo project has sold a total of 542,400 copies to date

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Ludacris has a daughter named Karma with Christine White.

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Lady Gaga, you can get her new album on Amazon for $.99 for a while with the link below. Also Ludacris did a cover of it and you can get that from sanity for just $6.50

Ludacris is the singer's stage name. His real name is Christopher Brian Bridges. He was born on September 11, 1977.

his name is Chris Bridges

their new album is The Time (Dirty Bit)!

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