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They are home schooled.

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What is Michael Jacksons childrens mothers name?

Debbie Rowe was the mother of Michael's oldest children prince Michael Jackson and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. prince Michael Jackson II other wise known as (blanket) mother however was an anonymous surrogate.

Where is the name of the school of the kids of Michael Jackson?

They are home schooled.

What were Joseph and Katherine Jackson childrens name?

* Tito * Jermaine, * LaToya * **Michael** * Janet * Rebbie * Marlon * Randy (NOT Randy Jackson, American Idol host!)

What is the real name of Michael Jackson?

His real name is Michael Joseph Jackson.

What was the name of Michael Jackson a member of?

Michael Jackson was a member of the Jackson 5

What are Ansel Adams Childrens name?

anna and michael

Is Michael Jackson his real name?

Yes, his real name is Michael Joseph Jackson.

What is Michael Jordan's name?

His name is Michael Jackson

Did Michael Jackson change his name?

no he didnt he is still Michael Jackson

Do Michael Jackson go by another name?

No just Michael Jackson.

Is your mom Michael Jackson?

your mother could be Michael Jackson if that is her name.

What is the old name of Michael Jackson?

Michael Joseph Jackson has been his name his entire life.

Did Michael Jackson like the name king of pop?

Yes,Michael Jackson loved that name.

Did Michael Jackson have a middle name?

Yes, Michael did have a middle name. It is 'Joseph' after his father, Joseph Jackson.

Michael Jackson's kids name and birth dates?

Prince Michael Jackson,Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II

Is Michael James Jackson who produced Paul Williams the same Michael Jackson of Thriller fame?

No, he is not, Michael Jackson of the thriller fame has the full name of Michael Joseph Jackson.

Is Michael Jackson last name shepherd?

no his last name is Jackson

What is Michael Jackson's real name?

The correct answer is, Your mummy.

What is Prince Jackson's middle name?

Michael's kids name are: Prince Michael Jackson ,Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II .

How many words can you make from the name Michael Jackson?

Nobody will be able to say all of them, but here are a few. The words they make are in capitals: michael jackSON (Son) MichAel jacksoN (Man) miCHaEl jaCKson (Check) michaEl jackSON (Nose) micHaEl jACkson (Ache)

What is Michael Jackson's name?

Michael Joseph Jackson is his full name.

What is Michael Jackson father's name?

Joseph jackson

What is the real identity of Michael Jackson?

His real name is Michael Joseph Jackson. That is really him.

What is Michael Jackson son blankets real name?

Prince Michael Jackson II.

Was Michael Jackson full name Michael Joseph Jackson?

Yup,,after his dad :) xxx