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Ded Moroz, "Father Frost". Дед Мороз.

Santa Claus is the prototype of Saint Nicholas, as I know, which have been transformed to Christmas personage by society and commercial.

In Russia we have got the same winter personage called "Ded Moroz" who is very close to Santa Claus - with the same white beard, red caftan and the mission of the man who brings presents for everyone

The translation of Ded Moroz into English sounds as "Grandfather Frost".

The roots of "Grandfather Frost" personage stems not from some of saint people, as I know, but from heathen (pagan) personage (maybe somebody like "God of winter" or "God of frost") from deep deep past.

It comes with presents not at 25 of December but at night from 31 of December to 1 of January, when new year comes.

The Christmas - 7 January (in Orthodoxy) = 25 December + 13 days because of Julian calendar is the pure religion holiday in Russia :-)

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In China, Santa is Dun Che Lao Ren, which means "Christmas Old Man."

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Q: What is the name of Santa Claus in Russia?
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