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pumice stone

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Q: What is the name of The rock which do not sink in water?
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Which rock doesn't sink in water?

Pumice does not sink in water.

Will a rock sink in water on the moon?

Yes. The weaker gravity on the moon does not change the fact that rock is denser than water. The rock will sink more slowly than it would on Earth, but it will still sink.

What type of rock cannot float on water?

Virtually all types of rock will sink in water. The only rock that can float on water is pumice.

Which stone which never sink in water?

pumice (a volcanic rock)

Will something with a density of 68 g per cubic cm sink or float in water?

Sink. Like a rock. Faster than a rock. The density of water is ~1 g/cm3. Anything more dense than that will sink.

What objects sink in water?

A rock, for one, although pumice will float. Any object whose desnsity is greater than water's will sink.

Can kayaks sink?

All kayaks will sink if filled with enough water. It changes how much is needed, though.

What force causes a rock to sink to the bottom of a glass of water?


Does a rock sink?

yes, as long as it has a higher density that the water (or liquid it is sinking into)!

A rock that weghts 10N displaces 12N of water?

Not unless somebody is holding it down. If the rock weighs 10N and you just set it in the water, it'll sink until it displaces 10N of water, and at that point, it has no desire to sink any further.

Why does a rock weigh nothing in mercury a metal?

A rock always weighs something unless in free fall. If you are asking why that rock doesn't sink in mercury, its because rock density is 2-3 while mercury is 7.6. The object with higher density will sink. In the case of water, a rock is more dense than water(having a density of 1) and sinks in water.

Which object will sink in simple water and float in salty water?

A Rock would obviously sink in water and a egg would float in salt water Believe it or not bowling balls that are denser than water float!