What is the name of a British barn?


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Barn Owl

Tyto alba

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A common name for the Barn Owl is Barn Owl or just Owl. The scientific name is Tyto alba.

Scientific name of the Barn Owl is Tyto alba

"Tyto alba" is the Latin name for the Barn Owl.

It depends on which type of barn owl you are talking about. If you mean the common barn owl, then the scientific name is "tyto alba". All barn owl species begin with "tyto".

The scientific name for a Barn Swallow is "Hirundo rustica". They are a species of swallows.

Despite the name "Barn owl", barn owls do not sleep in a barn, they sleep in a hollow tree, chimney and old buildings.

usually, a barn owl's habitat is a barn, as in its name, but they can also live in trees.

There are many subspecies, but the barn owl is called Tyto Alba scientifically.

Barn Owls are also called Tyto Albas, the scientific name. If you like barn owls, read the owls of gahoole series.

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A Barn, Ranch, or Stable.

In Irish it's "scioból"

A barn, stable or byre.

The Genus for the Barn owl is Tyto and the species is Tyto Alba. These common barn owls produce a high-pitched scream.

Johnny finds out different secrets that the british told Dove about because he is a barn boy to the british people

Barn owls easily adapt to nesting in buildings. In rural areas the owl is welcomed as an excellent rodent preditor. Because of its propensity to nesting in barn eaves and lofts it is named Barn Owl.and has a very flat face

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The term "barn owl" is the common name for this bird. "Tyto alba" is the Latin name. Since many people might call the same bird by different common names, the Latin name ensures there is no confusion as to what bird is being discussed.

A barn, stable, paddock or farm.

most of them like living in barns

A pen, barn, yard or paddock

The painting by C.Carson of a barn with the Pepsi-Cola sign on the barn and deer on the wintry ground if called Pepsi Barn. The oil-on-canvas painting is 19.5 by 15-inches.

The species name is Tyto Alba, however there are multiple subspecies of Tytos, so if you are referring to the Common Barn Owl, it would be Tyto Alba Alba.

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