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Q: What is the name of a fictional collie?
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What is the birth name of Mark Collie?

Mark Collie's birth name is George Mark Collie.

What is name of the collie dog in 'White Fang'?

White Fang's mate, the collie dog, was named Collie.

What is a good border collie name?

Callie, Collie or Colby.

What is the scientific name for the border collie genus and species?

Border Collie: Canis lupus familiaris "Border Collie"

What's a good name for a female border collie?

Mitsy is a good name for a female border collie if you want to give it a good name.

Is collie a common noun?

The noun collie is a common noun unless it is used as a name. There is a town called Collie in New South Wales Australia and a town called Collie in Western Australia.

What is the name of a famous collie dog?


What is another name for a collie dog?

a pack

What is the scientific name for collie?

Canis familiaris

What is the best name for a border collie?

It is just a matter of opinion, but a good name for a Border Collie should suit its appearance, temperament, etc.

Is the collie the same as the border collie?

No. The breed referred to as just the "Collie" is a very different breed than the Border Collie. In fact, the Collie is usually called a Rough Collie or Smooth Collie, based on whether it has long or short hair. Some Hollywood examples of each: Lassie was a Collie. Fly from the movie Babe was a Border Collie. There are other breeds with Collie in the name, such as Bearded Collies, Farm Collies, Scotch Collies. Collie is a general herding type dog description.

How do you say border collie in spanish?

you say it the same because Border Collie is a name, you just say it in an accent.

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