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Q: What is the name of a friendly ghost?
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What is the name of the friendly ghost?

who is the friendly ghost

What is the ghost's name?

The ghost's name in paranormal activity is Toby The ghost's name in the cartoon of the 1960's is Casper the friendly ghost.

In the film same name who is casper?

the friendly ghost

Name casper the friendly ghost's horse.?


How long has Casper been out for?

Casper the Friendly Ghost debuted in the children's book "The Friendly Ghost" (1939) and a cartoon with the same name in 1945 .

Who is friendly ghost?

Casper the friendly ghost

Who is the Friendly Ghost?

Casper the friendly ghost

What was the name of Casper the Friendly Ghost's ghost friend?

It is a girl named Katherine,otherwise known as Kat.

When was The Friendly Ghost created?

The Friendly Ghost was created on 1945-11-16.

Casper the friendly ghost's brothers?

what was Casper the friendly Ghost brothers names.

How old is Casper the friendly ghost?

In what year did "casper the friendly ghost" first appear?

What is the most famous ghost?

Caspar the Friendly Ghost .