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What is the name of a pop group that could also be a sweet?


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'Sweet' is a pop group.


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The first group who recorded "Sweet Dreams are Made of This" was a British pop group who went by the name of Eurythmics, who had the famous Annie Lennox in it.

It means you made her feel special or she thinks it was sweet. Also if she feels sympathetic towards you that could be it. Also when she says that she is kind of noticing how (nice, sweet, thoughtful, whatever else) you were and she is trying to show you she thinks you are (nice, sweet, thoughtful, whatever else).

A "Billet-doux" is a love letter. (Sweet card, or sweet ticket) Also the name of a tune by Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli. But... "Billet-Deux" is the name of a modern gypsy jazz combo. The name sort of means "Two Tickets". Bad pun. Great group. Check em out. www.Billet-deux.com

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His name is edouard manet he is also the father of the group :)

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