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What is the name of black bird in Angry Birds?


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bomb bird
Black bird.
Maching bird, Woodpecker or Turbo bird),
His name is Bomnar
None of the birds have names, exept "The Mighty Eagle." Most people just call the birds by their collour. Maybe even by what they do.


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It can be called Socko, Bomb Bird, or Black Bird.

I think the pink bird from Angry Birds name is Stella.

its from angry birds rio and her name is jewel

In angry birds, the birds' names are never revealed. Most people just call them by the color of them. For example, the black bomb bird is called "Black Bird." The yellow bird that speeds up is called "Yellow Bird." Therefore, I doubt one of the birds would be called filcker.

There are multiple red birds in Angry Birds. They are listed below with their official names and alias'.Red Bird-Original red bird in the original Angry Birds. This bird has a mask in Angry Birds Space. Alias'-Red, Super Red Bird, Cardinal Bird, Original Angry Bird, Normal Bird or Little Red Bird,wood breakerTerence-Big brother bird in Angry BirdsAlias'-Big Brother Bird, The Incredible Terence, BulkFemale Red Bird-She has no powers and is not a playable character. She can be distinguished from Red Bird by her eyelashes, the bow in her hair and her smaller size.

The black bird is known for being the strongest, and it will blow up when you tap the screen, wich is how it got its name, the "Bomb Bird" Emma Shocker Spree/Spreegrl

His real name is simply Orange Bird but his alias' are Globe Bird, or the Balloon Bird.

The green bird is called Boomerang Bird and his alias is Green Bird.

Ummm thats a pig not a bird. Any way i think the birds don't really have name

His official name is simply Yellow Bird but his alias' are Maching Bird, Lazer Bird, Canary Bird, Fast Bird and Speedy Bird.

The name of Angry Birds is "Angry Birds."

There are actually three blue birds in the original Angry Birds as well as in Angry Birds Space. They are simply referred to as Blue Birds. Alias' for these birds include The Blues, Glassjaw Birds and Cluster Birds. In Angry Birds Rio, Blu and Jewel are both blue in coloration although they are Blue Macaws.

There are 10 kinds of playable characters in the classic version of the game, which have very simple names. These are...Red BirdBlue BirdYellow BirdBlack BirdWhite BirdBoomerang BirdBig Brother BirdOrange BirdMighty EagleMighty Dragon

angry bird because he/she is angry

The pink bird's name in Angry Birds is "Stella".

because the pigs are annoying them because its name is angry birds

Space Angry Birds ... just type in angry birds on your iphone or android .. and you should see it ...

the name of a black bird is ''BLACK BIRD''

The red bird's names is Red. The blue bird's names are the blue. Blue Jay Blue Jake and Blue Jim. The yellow bird's name is Chuck. The black bird's name is Bomb. The white bird's name is Madtilda. The green bird doesn't have a name. The Big Bro's name is Terence. The female red bird's name is Rose. The ice bird doesn't have a name. The striped bird doesn't have a name. The pink bird's name is Stella. The mighty eagle's name is just Mighty Eagle. The blue bird in Angry Birds Rio name is Blue. HOPE THIS HELPS!:D

Blue bird(s)- Name: the Blues Physical Description: Small, round, blue birds Alias: the Blues How angry are they: annoyed What makes them angry: Being scolded and being ignored. Pigs. Angry behaviors: Specializing in group attacks, but also seen attacking as one. Strong affinity for breaking ice Hobbies: Music, acting, drawing Strongest ally: Each other White bird- Name: Matilda Physical description: White egg-shaped bird Alias: White bird How angry is she: annoyed What makes her angry: Damaging or defiling nature and pigs Angry Behaviors: Vertically egging piggy fortresses and pigs Hobbies: Gardening and biology Strongest ally: Bomb Big Bro (big red bird)- Name: Terence Physical Description: Large, round, dark red bird Alias: Big brother How angry is he: Testy What makes him angry: Pigs and pigs Angry Behaviors: Pig squashing, smashing through everything in his path Hobbies: Starring contests Strongest Ally: Red Yellow Bird- Name: Chuck Physical Description: Triangular yellow bird Alias: Yellow bird How angry is he: testy What makes him angry: Feeling disrespected and undervalued and pigs Angry Behaviors: Hastily attacking with a lightning quick speed Hobbies: Sports Strongest Ally: Red Black (bomb) bird- Name: Bomb Physical Description: Round, black bird, turns red when very angry Alias: Black Bird How angry is he: Outraged What makes him angry: Interruptions in his daily schedule. Pigs. Angry Behaviors: Immediately eliminating the enemy by blowing it up with anger Hobbies: Calligraphy Strongest Allies: Matilda and Red Eagle- Name: Mighty Eagle Physical Description: Mysterious, seldom seen gigantic bird of prey Alias: Mighty How angry is he: Outraged What makes him angry: Intruders and pigs Angry Behaviors: Total annihilation of anything in his way triggered by sardines Hobbies: History Strongest Allies: the Blues Red Bird- Name: Red Physical Description: Round, red bird Alias: Red Bird How angry is he: furious What makes him angry: anything that endangers the safety of the egg. Pigs. Angry Behaviors: Relentlessly hurling himself at piggy fortresses again and again Hobbies: physics and chess Strongest Ally: Chuck

There are many different black birds, not all called blackbirds.In the UK a Blackbird is Turdus merula.The US has different bird species.

Yes in fact, the green bird is like a boomerang. when you take off you will have to left-click on your mouse to make it like a boomerang these birds are very useful and his name is parabeak

angry birds is already out on ps3 p.s. my psn name is rockhopper13

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