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Q: What is the name of company that make kitkat chocolate?
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What is the name kitkat?

It it the name of a candy bar.

Brand Name of gluten free chocolate?

Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons, Nestle and The Chocolate Trading company all make gluten and wheat free chocolate but not all of it is so make sure you buy the correct type.

Which company produces chocolate bars with the name 'Dairy Milk'?

Cadbury is the company that produces chocolate bars with the name 'Dairy Milk'. However, in the United States, Dairy Milk is produced by The Hershey Company.

Any suggestions for a name for a chocolate confectionery company?


Is Milk chocolate the same as Hershey milk chocolate?

Yes. Hershey is a company brand name. Milk chocolate is a general term.

What is the name of the company that makes chocolate?

old gold, Thortans, Caburys.

Another name for chocolate makers?

chocolateneansAnother response:Chocolatiers make confections from chocolate, whereas Chocolate-Makers make the actual chocolate from cacao beans and other ingredients.

How did Hershey Park get its name?

Milton Hershey who founded the Hershey Chocolate Company had his own town, so decided to make an amusement park and he named it after him.

What enzymes are used to make chocolate?

my name is piper

Make up a name for a chocolate bar for other people to guess what the chocolate bars name is?

that's an easier way to do it *!$#@

What is york city football club's ground name?

KitKat Crescent. This stadium was formerly known as Bootham Crescent, but was renamed KitKat Crescent as part of a sponsorship deal with Nestlé.

What besides make the Lifesaver did Clarence Crane do?

In 1903, in Warren, Onio, he formed his own maple sugar business which became the largest producer of maple sugar in the world. He sold the business in 1909. In 1911, he began to produce chocolate candy under the company name of the Queen Victoria Chocolate Company. After he sold his Lifesavers creation, he went on, in 1916 and started the Crane Chocolate Company.

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