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What is the name of gokus dad?

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Goku's father's name is bardock

2010-12-25 04:32:42
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What is the name on gokus dad?


Is Bardok Gokus dad?


What is gokus last name?

son is gokus last name goku son but in Japanese it is son goku

Who is gokus dad?

His dad is Bardock, he lunged himself in front of Friezas blow when Frieza attacked planet Vegeta.

What is gokus real name?


What is gokus fathers name?

It is Bardock :)

What is gokus evil sons name?

His evil son's name is Xicor

What is the name of Goku's father?

Gokus Father is Bardock

What is the name gokus son?

he has 2 gohan, named after gokus grandpa and goten who showed up when goku was dead so its a little odd

What is gokus saiyan name from dragon vball z?


What is gokus surname?

He doesn't have one, but his full name is Son Goku.

Who is gokus mother on Dragon Ball Z?

The name of Goku's mother is Kanza.

DBZ-Who is Goku's dad?

gokus father is bardock. in the first movie it shows tht he dies but he doesnt. when they go to hell in gt he is there

Was gokus mom in a episode of dragonballz?

No Gokus mom was not in any of the episdoes of dragonballz's episodes

Is gokus last name son?

No its how they call him in Japan Son-Goku -Giga Drill

What is Gokus last name from Dragonball Z?

People think his last name is but "son" is not a name, it's a title (for when Roshi was teaching him).

What are the names of all of gokus saiyan brothers?

Raditz although people say Vegeta is his brother but Vegeta is his cousin as well as Broly . The name of Goku's father is bardock his uncles are ,paragus Broly's dad ,and king vegeta vegetas dad. fasha is goku's mom and saiyan queen rasicheena is vegeta's mom

Where is popeyes?

gokus a BEAST!

Who is gokus brother?


What is gokus second sons name?

Goku's second son is named Goten. He is Gohan's younger brother.

What is gokus phone number?

what is gokus phone number?

What is the name of Aaliyah's dad?

the name Aaliyah's dad is Michael the name Aaliyah's dad is Michael

Is turles gokus twin brother?


Is raditz gokus brother?

His oldest brother

What are gokus brothers names?

bardock and radditz