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A valedictorian speech?

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is it possible a person can be both valedictorian and salutrian at sametime?

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Q: What is the name of graduation speech made by the best student?
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Oprah Winfrey Harvard Commencement speech 2013 TRANSCRIPT2013 Speech:Thank you for posting this question. I enjoyed listening to her speech.

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What are some good things to say in a graduation speech?

i loved this school and i will miss it. I've learned a lot and made tons of friends. or something along that line

When did graduation made up?

in 1900

Should graduation be made compulsory for politician?

yes, graduation should be the minimum qualification for the politicians

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He made many speeches. The best known is the Gettysburg Address.

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A speech made by a character who is alone on stage?

A speech made by one about a specific topic is a monologue. A soliloquy is a dramatic speech made on stage.

What is a good speech for an elementary graduation?

My school, My friends, Then Teachers, I stand tall and proud Here to unit my graduation I thank all who have ben there for me Especially teachers, whom have made my destiny I sympthisie those who shall need it I will forever remember this chapter of my life so all who have been there for it I will remember you Thank you

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What kind of fabric are graduation gowns made out of?

There are lots of different types of fabric that Graduation Gowns can be made from, these include Polyester, and Acetate. Most commonly however the gowns are made from Polyester as it is cheap and strong.

Should Special Needs Students Be Exempt from Graduation Tests?

Yes/no. Each special needs student has an individual lesson plan ( IEP) made by a committee of teachers, school psychologist, parents, and others needed to help the student. This should be used as a framework to decide if a student has met the goals within the IEP and be considered as the means for graduation. The state mandated test should not be given in the same format for special needs students but given to address their special skills, talents, and particular needs.

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