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What is the name of outside bone?


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A creature with an external skeleton is said to have an exo-skeleton.


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The bone on the inside forearm (near the thumb) is the radius; the one on the outside of the forearm is the ulna.

The outside is a bone which is hard

compact bone is around the edge of the bone and like the name suggests it is compact (more dense and harder) the spongey (trabeculae) bone is porous, it is also in the middle of bones. Compact bone is on outside and spongy bone is in the inside lol

Muscles are on the outside of the bone.

no it is found outside and around the bone.

yes, i think. how can it be call bone cells if its outside the bone??

compact bone is located on the outside of the long bone, it surrounds the spongy bone

bone, fat, flesh and fur on the outside. bone, fat, flesh and fur on the outside.

The skin of the bone is called the periosteum

The epiphysis is the end of long bones and they are made of hard bone on the outside and spongy bone on the inside.

Bone in means the wings have the bone in but without any breading on the outside. Bone out means exactly that and traditional means a bone in wing but with breading on the outside.

what it located outside the bone is nerves and blood vessels

It is a large build up of bone on the outside of a bone or joint.

yes it covers the entire outside of the bone.

the outside skin of the bone is an stupid qeustion to ask u buttholes it is skin you buttholes Actually it is called the periosteum :D

The anatomical name for the collar bone is the clavicle bone

Another name for compact bone is Dense bone

Veins and arteries don't enter bone. They are outside of bones. The only thing inside bone is bone marrow.

ligaments attach bone to bone

It is the long bone in your arm that runs from the thumb side of your wrist, up to your elbow, the inside bone. The outside bone is called the Ulna.

Yes compact is on the outside while spongy is on the inside.

the hib bone scientific name is coxal bone or pelvic bone

YesYes, from inside. But from outside it is composed of compact bone. Clavicle being an exception in that is has no cancellous bone.

It provides a structure for the attachment of muscles and such.

it is the bone which is the temple

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