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The Confirmation Candidate.

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Q: What is the name of person preparing for Confirmation?
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Person preparing for baptism or confirmation?


What is a person preparing for baptism or confirmation called in the Christian religion?

The classes they take are called baptisim classes and confirmation classes.

Is a sponsor a person who gives spiritual help and encouragement to someone preparing for confirmation?

Yes they do.

Can Milagros be used as a confirmation name?

If you are Catholic then your confirmation name must be that of a person who has been declared a Saint by The Vatican.

What do you call those who preparing for a sacrament?

Those preparing for Baptism are called Catechumens or, sometimes, candidates. Those preparing for Confirmation are called confirmandi or sometimes candidates.

Can the name Selena be a confirmation name?

No, the name Selena can not be a confirmation name.

What is the confirmation name for Victoria?

victoria is a confirmation name..

What has the author Alma Marie written?

Alma Marie has written: 'Preparing for confirmation' -- subject(s): Confirmation, Catholic Church, Study and teaching

Significance of choosing a confirmation name?

An additional name at confirmation is not strictly required, but it often recommended as a sign that one is entering on a new way of life. The name is often that of some saint the person would like as a patron to whom to pray.

Can confirmation name of a saint be changed?

.Catholic AnswerNo, confirmation imparts a permanent change in a person's very make-up. That change is brought about by God and cannot be undone. Thus confirmation is one of the sacraments which cannot be repeated. At confirmation, the Bishop imparts your confirmation name to you, thus it cannot be changed, as confirmation can neither be changed nor redone.

Selena Gomez's confirmation name?

Her confirmation name is Marie!

What are the effects of confirmation to the life of the baptized person?

what are the effects of confirmation to the life of the baptized person

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