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I person hired to kill or murder someone is called an asasson :)

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Q: What is the name of someone hired to kill?
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What do you call someone who pays someone to kill someone?

A hitman or hired assassin.

What was the name of the john Wayne movie where a young girl hired him to kill someone?

Must be True Grit. Wayne plays Rooster Cogburn who is hired by young Mattie Ross to find her father's murderer.

What does Jounty mean?

It means to protect someone. A bounty hunter would kill someone a jounty hunter is hired to protect someone. Bodyguard

In medeival times were there assassins?

There most likely were, but Assassin is a loose term. Anyone hired to kill someone else can be considered an Assassin.

Name one thing the president can not do?

kill someone

Who is the Guy at the end of sin city in the hospital in the elevator?

Apparently he's a hit man hired by someone, unknown to me and many others, to kill the girl.

How do you employ someone?

by saying your hired

Who hired Garvilo Princip to kill Archduke?

Gavrilo Princip was not hired to kill Archduke Ferdinand. He was a Serbian nationalist and separatist who was part of the organization known as the Black Hand.

Someone hired to clap at functions?

A claque is a group of individuals hired to applaud at a performance.

What job was harriet Tubman hired out to do?

she was hired out to work for someone to take care of her baby

What was the name of the mercenaries hired by the British?

Hessian's was the name of the mercenaries hired by the British in the American revolutionary war.

Why did inque try to kill Batman?

Because she was hired to by Derek Powers

What are the release dates for This Man Dawson - 1959 Hired to Kill a Cop 1-23?

This Man Dawson - 1959 Hired to Kill a Cop 1-23 was released on: USA: 1960

Is it unfair someone inexperience get hired and get paid more?


Which president hired someone to serve in his place in the draft?

President Grover Cleveland had been a draft dodger and he hired someone to serve in his place - it was legal to do so back then.

Where could someone get hired at for massage therapy?

Massage therapists get hired in many places, from spas to doctor's offices.

How do you get hired for security at perry nuclear power plant?

If you don't know someone in security at perry you don't get hired.

What is the name of the job for someone who works with rodents?

an exterminator. but if you don't kill them you are a veterinarian

Why did some one shoot Tupac?

That someone was Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy he hired people to kill him because they didnt like each other and that Tupac was making fun of him or because he was getting more money than diddy so he had to kill him

Use mercenary in a sentence?

The king hired a mercenary to kill his cheating wife.

How did Ptolemy XIII die?

Cleopatra hired someone to murder him

Who is the nereid in the lighting thief?

someone who was hired to look after Percy

What is the name of puss in boots master?

He doesn't have a master, he is an assassin and he was hired to kill Shrek by the king on Shrek 2. Until, Shrek Forever After, and Fiona is his master and he was fat.

Is it legal to kill someone who is out to get me?

Yes, that is illegal.The only time you can legally kill someone is if that person is about to kill or seriously injure you or someone else.

Is zeant real?

Yes. I've seen him before. You have to go in a lockable room alone say his name (it's saint with a z) and he will kill you. He has a friend named Lola and he dared him to kill the prettiest princess or else he will kill everyone who says his name. and lola will kill someone who make fun of his name