What is the name of the Windows 7 boot loader program Where is the program located?

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How do you install and boot two Window XP programs in one or two hard disks?

Answer . You'll need to partition the disk so that you can have space for both OS's. Then you'll need a bootloader, such as LILO (Linux Loader) or some other bootloader that lets you select the OS. Install whatever Windows OS you need into one partition while the other partition is disabled. Wind ( Full Answer )

What is the name of boot loader?

In order to answer the question, one would need to know for which operating system the "bootstrap loader" or boot loader is intended. There have been many boot loaders since electronic computers capable of running stored programs were first developed. Some of the earliest bootstrap loaders had no na ( Full Answer )

Can you boot a Windows setup program from a USB Flash drive?

You could boot it, but it would never get beyond the initial stages. The setup program looks for the CD after it starts so it can read the rest of the files. Since it does not know how to read a USB Flash drive, it will not find the files it is looking for and will fail.

What is Windows 7 loader?

windows7 loader is a program that will make a non-genuine copyof Windows 7 activated permanently. Windows 7 RTM UltimateActivation with OEM Information This activator works only for RTM ULTIMATE (Retail and OEM Edition) It does NOT work on Ultimate 'E' (European) Edition. Tested and working on both ( Full Answer )

Is there a program compatibility wizard in Windows 7?

To run Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter wizard, type in Action Center in Start menu search box and hit enter. Then in the left pane of the Action Center, click on the link labeled Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter to start the troubleshooting wizard.

What is the easiest Movie making program for Windows 7?

Windows 7 promotes Windows Live Essentials, so Windows Live Movie Maker is a version to consider. However, it is a 'striped-down' version of Windows Movie Maker v2.6. Windows Movie Maker v2.6 has more functions/features than the new Windows Live Movie Maker. In the 2.6 version, you can see the ( Full Answer )

Does C programming work on Windows 7?

You can't install C++ programs on Windows 7. The compatibility issue is due to turbo software not due to Windows 7. Turbo C does not work on Windows 7 because Turbo C is 16 bit application where Windows 7 does not support 16 bit applications. But there's a tool which allows users to install 16 bit ( Full Answer )

Do Windows XP programs run on Windows 7?

Go to ->control panel -> type troubleshooting in search bar ->type troubleshooter, and then click on 'Troubleshooting'. Under Programs, click Run programs made for previous versions of Windows Now select the required programs and Windows will automatically Fix them See Related Link [1] ( Full Answer )

How do you program windows?

Strange question, Windows itself was programmed in assembly language by hundreds of programmers. If you want to program for windows you could write a batch file to perform a simple task or for a more complicated program you would require a programming language which can be executed on windows for ex ( Full Answer )

How can I use incompatible program in window 7?

Use Microsoft Virtual PC (it's free and can be download together with image of XP from Microsoft's website), it allows you run applications created for Windows XP under Seven.

What programming language was Windows 7 written in?

The foundation of Windows 7 is mostly written in C and a little bit of Assembly. This is because a relatively low level language is required for access to processor registry management and connection with other devices (e.g. printer) to be established to the computer. Most of the other core stuff ( Full Answer )

Can you run a 32-bit program on Windows 7 pro?

Most programs designed for the 32-bit version of Windows will work on the 64-bit version of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs. Device drivers designed for the 32-bit version of Windows don't work on computers running a 64-bit version of Windows. If you're trying to install a ( Full Answer )

Can you download C programming language for windows 7?

Yes, it is just windows getting more and more bloated. Google Copdeblocks and download. There are 2 versions available. The one you want to download (the bigger download) includes MinGW. With Codeblocks and MinGW you have a good package for programming.

What program will record game footage on Windows 7?

I want to record a game I am playing so that I can edit and upload the footage later. This should be really easy, but it is not. The program must: . Record reasonable quality video (smooth frame rate + YouTube quality). . Record audio from speakers (not via microphone). . Have a reasonable maxi ( Full Answer )

Does windows 7 have an Excel program?

No. Windows 7 is an operating system. Excel is an application. It has to be bought separately as it does not come as part of Windows 7. Excel will run on Windows 7.

What are the most popular photo programs available for Windows 7?

It depends on what you want to do with photos. If you just want to store them and not do anything fancy there are programs such as Picasa. If you plan on doing touch ups to photos for a more professional feel you might want to go with Photoshop

Is there any programs on windows 7 that is like kurzweil?

I have to assume you mean Kurzweil text-to-speech software rather than the musical instruments of the same name. If so, yes there are plenty of alternatives to Kurzweil. 'Narrator' is the built-in version by Microsoft, but a Google search for 'text-to-speech software for windows 7' reveals many opti ( Full Answer )

What are boot loader feature in windows 7?

Following are the boot loader features of windows 7: a) Windows Boot Manager(Bootmgr.exe) b) Windows Operating System loader c) Windows Resume Loader

Is there a type to talk program in windows 7?

Yes - there is speech recognition built-in to Windows 7. Click Start , then Control panel , then Speech Recognition . It will need configuring the first time you use it - but you can place a short-cut on your desk-top if you use it regularly.

Which type of c program can be run on windows 7?

I guess you wanted to ask: why don't DOS-programs (like TurboC and programs generated by TurboC) run on Windows 7? Answer: it is by design; unlike older versions, Windows 7 doesn't have a built-in DOS-emulator. Download and use DosBox.

Why does Windows 7 Boot Camp not boot when I change location?

I run windows 7 on my mac mini with two monitors hooked up regularly. Whenever I go to my friends house with my mac and one monitor, the windows will not boot. It will go to the icon, then freeze before the icon is finished "assembling". My mac partition works perfectly fine. I ran Windows System re ( Full Answer )

What does program files x86 in windows 7 mean?

x86 is just another way of saying 32-bit. In Windows 7, the operating system is so good that it has 2 program files folders to store both 32-bit(x86) apps and 64-bit(x64) apps. This makes the operating system run a lot of programs. When you download an app, there may be files in it that are 32-bit b ( Full Answer )

How do you call up qbasic programming in windows 7?

QBasic is no longer offered with Microsoft Windows as of Windows XP/2000. The only way to obtain a working copy would be to install Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows 98 (or a older version of MS-DOS) on the Windows 7 computer. Despite the fact that all of these operating systems are obsolete and n ( Full Answer )