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What is the name of the actor in the new Subway commercial?


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2009-11-24 22:10:34
2009-11-24 22:10:34

If you are talking about the Rueben kid his name is Ryan McCartan.. Hes my boyfriend and the most amazing actor ever and i love hiM!


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The name of the actor in the HP commercial of 2010 is one Rhys Darby. Rhys Darby is an actor who hails from New Zealand.

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New York City Subway, or just the subway, or MTA.

His name is Steve Pound. He is a British actor who works in Britian and LA.

They have not yet benn identified!

His name is Jay Hayden. He also was in the AT&T train commercial.

The male actor is Gavin Eastlack.

In the brisk commercial it's eminem

If you're talking about the girl, her names is Zooey Deschanel.

The New York City subway system doesn't have a name, other than, "the New York City subway system," which is self-explanatory.

Benedict Wall from New Zealand.

The actor pushing the cart in "Warehouse", is Cory Pendergast.

The actor in the new Viva Viagra commercial with the motorcycle is Greg Collins. I do not know the name of the woman. The actress is Julia Parker.

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Sounds like the same guy who does the Applebee's commercials!

There are several new Subway commercials televised each year. In 2014, a couple of the actors that appeared in the commercials were Apollo Ohno and Jay Glazer.

If you're talking about the new Avocado commercial in the firestation, the female actress is Lisa Gershuny

DJ Nuss in the Vistaprint commercial is played by veteran New York actor George Riddle

I believe its Wesley Dowell a New Zealand actor

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