What is the name of the atomic bomb that invented by albert Einstein?

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None, Einstein had no part in either inventing or making atomic bombs except to sign a letter to FDR that Leo Szilard had written. Leo Szilard is the inventor of both the atomic bomb and reactor.
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Why did albert einstein help invent the atomic bomb?

No, he was a pacifist and worked on no warprojects . His only involvement with the atomic bomb was tosign a letter to FDR that Leo Szilard had written, warning that theNazi

Why did Albert Einstein invent the atomic bomb?

He didn't. He'd worked a little on the theories about energyrelease, but he had nothing to do with turning it into afunctioning weapon. Einsteins only personal involvement wit

Did Albert Einstein invent the atomic bomb?

No he didn't. He came up with a formula which described therelationship between mass and energy (e=mc2). This showed how muchenergy would be released when mass disappeared, wh

When did Albert Einstein invent the atomic bomb?

Never. It was invented and patented by Leo Szilard in 1934 and built by the US Manhattan Project between 1943 and 1945. Einstein's main contribution was simply to sign a lette

Was Albert Einstein for or against atomic bombs?

Einstein was a pacifist and thus against all war. But he was also wise enough to see the horrible consequences to civilization should the Nazis build and use nuclear weapons!

What does the atomic bomb have to do with Albert Einstein?

He played a role in its creation by sending a letter to convince president Roosevelt to start work on a nuclear weapon, and many of his theories went into the making of it. Ei
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Did albert Einstein invent bombs?

no he did not . Einstein was a pacifist and did neither weapons nor war work of any kind.
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What were the names of the two atomic bombs that Albert Einstein made?

Einstein did not personally make any atomic bombs, nor was he particularly involved in the Manhattan Project. (He couldn't obtain the necessary security clearance. and scienti