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The name of the bad lion on The Lion King is Scar.

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I don't know exactly what you mean by "the bad lands", but I assume the answer is the Elephant Graveyard.

He wasn't heir to the throne!

It's samba because when he was little he was sweet and when he turned big he beated scar the bad lion and became the king and hero and also he ends up having a daughter called kiara with nara and he takes care of her

Lion fish have poisoned spikes on their fins.

scar from the lion king or the big bad wolf

I would like to know if the Broadway show, The Lion King, would ever come to Boise, Idaho. I want to see it so bad!

Some of the bad things are the the lion can't fly. It can only live for a short life.

In the original Lion King movie, the evil lion is Scar, who teams up Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, who are hyenas. In Lion King 2, the evil lions are Zira, (Scar's mate,) Nuka, (Zira's son,) and Vitani (Zira's daughter.) For a while, Scar's heir, Kovu, is evil, but he becomes good. Kovu is the adopted son of Scar and Zira.

The conclusion is that, at the end of the day Justice Prevails. The good guys win and the bad guys lose.

No. Lions by nature are carnivores. Switching a lion to a completely vegetarian diet could be bad for it's health.

If you mean the one in Jungle Book - it's a boy. The King (lion) often refers to him as a 'bad boy'

Not really. A dystopia is a fictional work in which the condition of life is extremely bad because of deprivation or oppression or terror. The only event in The Lion King that applies to the term is when Scar and the hyenas take over the Pridelands, and a drought and famine is mentioned by Nala to have occurred there during their reign. However, not so much of it is seen until the end, and it is resolved when Simba and the Pridelanders defeat Scar and the hyenas. Therefore, The Lion King is not a complete dystopia.

The things that walt disney put, well disney channel is not bad but walt disney the lion king, aladdin and little mermaid first is the lion king when simba's already big he's laying down on a cliff and on the sky its say sex, aladdin when u paying close attetion he tells jazmin teenagers take of your clothes when he offering her to fly with him, then he says go kitty take it off and go, now last but not least the little mermaid in the golden castle it has a pennis, too see it spell the little mermaid pennis castle on images, and the lion king put the lion king sex in the sky in the images thank you

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Can be very gentle or very "in a bad mood"....

truth or lie you'll get in trouble

the Egyptian sphynx but don't confuse that with the Greek and Roman sphynx theirs was bad while the Egyptian sphynx was very good

Do you really want to get eaten that bad

as a person he was acruel and predator , a real lion who kills with cold heart , but as a king he was adorned by his people and feared by his enemies , a true warrior king who personally defeated the greatest french knight of his age des barres in single combat , he was a genius as a military leader , so he was bad but great king .

The lion carrying capacity, It all depends on the population of the lion. Like if the lion is being shoot down for its fur or to put in to zoos. Most of the population of the lion is in cages. Like 5% of the lions are left in the wild and the rest you can only see in zoos. In part is bad because it will be the only place were you can see them. If they were to be put back to there homes then the percent of there carrying capacity will be like 78% Or like 5,000 but it all fits in what location do they live.

Aslan's power is different from the white witche's because he is the king of Narnia and the white witch is a fake it is the opposite because he is an lion and she is just an girl an bad one. If you want more information about this give me a call @t (916)6817146 THANK YOU

they are pretty bad if you try to mess with them all animals was born with a tool to protect them

little red riding hood and the big bad lion