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Hawaii (or, properly written, Hawai'i) is both the name of the state, and of the largest island in the state.

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Yes. The "Big Island" is the island of Hawaii, which gives its name as the State name as well. Saying "Big Island" when referring to the island of Hawaii just is less confusing.

The Big Island of Hawaii, or just Hawaii.

In the State of Hawaii, the Easternmost island is the island of Hawaii. known as "The Big Island".

The biggest island is actually called Hawaii. No joke. When referring to the island of Hawaii, Hawaii residents generally call it "the Big Island".

Hawaii. Easy to remember, yeah? :)

The island of the state of Hawaii that is known as the big island is the Island of Hawaii. There are eight major islands in the state of Hawaii.

The largest island in Hawaii is called.... Hawaii or aka the big island. The other islands are oahu, maui, kauai, lanai, molokai, and niihau. Hawaii or the big island as it is known to locals, is the only island with an active volcano

The Island named Hawaii is also known as the Big Island.

Yes Big Island generally does refer to Hawaii, as this is another name for it. However, there's also establishments and companies that also call themselves Big Island such as Big Island Coffee.

It is named Hawaii but called the Big Island.

Hawaii is the name of the largest of the islands making up the state of Hawaii. It is often called the "big island" to avoid confusion.

The island of Hawaii aka The Big Island

The island of Hawaii- known as the Big Island.

The Big Island of Hawaii is the southernmost island.

It is named Hawaii and is called "The Big Island".

It is called Hawaii.It is called that because that is how Hawaii got its name.

The biggest island in hawaii is NOT called Honolulu.Honolulu is the State Capitol of Hawaii. The biggest island is called Hawaii, but most people call it the Big Island. Honolulu is the name of a city (and its county) on the island of Oahu. Oahu is much smaller that The Big Island. Somewhat confusingly, the biggest island in the State of Hawaii is officially called The Island of Hawaii. To avoid confusion it is also named The Big Island. This "biggest island" is between six and seven times bigger than the island of Oahu, which contains Honolulu.Honolulu is the State Capital (not Capitol) of Hawaii.

Known locally as "The Big Island", the largest island in the State of Hawaii is- Hawaii.

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