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John, formerly a disciple of John the Baptist and then a disciple of Jesus Christ. He wrote the book of John, 1 2 3 John as well as Revelation.

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Q: What is the name of the disciple Jesus' mother lived with after he died?
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Who were the names beside Jesus when he died?

His mother Mary and John his disciple

Who was the disciple that died for Jesus?

all of them died for jesus

Was Jesus' mother with him when he died?

A:The synoptic gospels make it clear that those of Jesus' acquaintance, including his mother Mary, looked from afar off. Neither Mary nor any disciple or friend of Jesus at his crucifixion.John's Gospel says that the 'disciple whom Jesus loved', alone of the disciples, stood at the foot of the cross with Mary, mother of Jesus. In this gospel, Jesus told the beloved disciple to look after Mary like his own mother.

What disciple of Jesus died first?


Did Jesus died before marry?

Yes scripture tells us that when Jesus died on the cross at Calvary Mary was at the cross side. Jesus told the disciple to look after her as she is your mother , and they took her home.

Which disciple of Jesus died last?

John (the disciple whom Jesus loved) lived the longest of the disciplines. John's long life was alluded to in John 21:22 when Jesus spoke to Peter saying "If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you".

How was Saint Joseph a disciple of Jesus?

He is not a disciple at the time of Jesus but an obedient disciple of God.

How the 12 disciple of Jesus Christ died?

All of them died eventually.

Who did Jesus give to his mother before he died?

Answer: Evidently by the time Jesus died, Joseph, Mary's husband was dead. Jesus, since He was to leave the scene (including the fact that after the resurrection He was going soon to ascend to heaven) cared for His mother by providing John His disciple as a son to take care of her. So His gift was a person, His beloved disciple John. This also meant that she had a home.

Did Joseph die before Jesus was crucified?

The Bible doesn't say but we assume yes, because Jesus, while He hung on the cross, asked one the 12 disciples to look after His mother.John 19:26 When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, "Woman, behold your son!"John 19:27 Then He said to the disciple, "Behold your mother!" And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home.Answer/Yes, circa AD 20 he died. The History of Joseph the Carpenter has Joseph's age as 92 years old when Jesus was born, and that he lived in total One hundred and eleven years.

A member of the church who has loved like jesus and who has died is a....?

good disciple --- ... saint.

Which apostle was the beloved disciple who sat next to Jesus during the Last Supper?

The apostle called the beloved disciple by Jesus was the disciple John, who was the youngest of all the disciples. And also died last , as ,many were killed. before theoir time John sat with Jesus on the table next to Jesus.

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