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Q: What is the name of the famous team from stavanger?
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Do you know the name of the Norwegian oil city?


When was Stavanger IF created?

Stavanger IF was created in 1905.

When was Stavanger created?

Stavanger was created in 1125.

When was Stavanger Station created?

Stavanger Station was created in 1878.

When was Stavanger Stadion created?

Stavanger Stadion was created in 1917.

When was Stavanger Oilers created?

Stavanger Oilers was created in 2001.

What is the area of Stavanger?

The area of Stavanger is 71 square kilometers.

When was Stavanger Socialdemokrat created?

Stavanger Socialdemokrat was created in 1921.

When did Stavanger Socialdemokrat end?

Stavanger Socialdemokrat ended in 1927.

When was Stavanger Ishall created?

Stavanger Ishall was created in 1968.

When was University of Stavanger created?

University of Stavanger was created in 2005.

When was Stavanger Museum created?

Stavanger Museum was created in 1877.