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What is the name of the file the operating system uses when it moves data from random access memory to virtual memory?


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A swap file is the file that an operating system uses when it is moving data. A computer creates this file when it is moving data from random access memory to virtual memory.


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There is no such thing. random access memory maybe? RAM ROM = Read Only Memory, not Random Operating Memory.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is volatile and based on modules. In comparison virtual memory is allocable to a computer's hard disc. Virtual Memory however, does not have the access speed that RAM affords.

The operating system will use RAM (Random Access Memory) to run programs. It will also use free hard drive space as well, called virtual memory.

Random access memory is a kind of computer or printer memory, which can be retrieved randomly. Whatever byte of memory can be retrieved without disturbing the other bytes of memory.

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There are seven basic types of computer memory. These seven types would be Random Access Memory, Serial Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Video Random Access Memory, Flash Memory, Shadow Random Access Memory, and Read Only Memory.

Synchronous dynamic random access memory (in other words fast access memory that the computer uses for the operating system/kernal, and running programs)

Volatile memory is computer memory that requires power to maintain the stored information. Non-volatile random-access memory that retains its information when power is turned off. There is random access memory, cache memory, read only memory, virtual memory and flash memory.

Random Access Memory, the temporary or "working" memory of a computer.(see the related question below)RAM stands for Random Access Memory.random access memory

RAM (random access memory) in order for the operating system to run, RAM must be inside the computer.

This is done as because you can access the memory at any random point i-e randomly.

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. Random Access Memory is the most commonly known type of computer memory.

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Random Access Memory (RAM) is a volatile, but speedy computer memory, much quicker than using the hard drive.

Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the computer's temporary storage of data.

the speed of accessing something on a computer is called RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY.

Random Access Memory, or RAM.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

A hard disk is a Sequential Access Memory device or SAM

RAM[Random Access Memory] is volatile memory.

Random Access Memory - 2011 was released on: USA: March 2011 (internet)

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