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In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 the first keyblade used by Sora is the Kingdom Key.

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Q: What is the name of the first Keyblade Sora used?
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What is Sora's first keybalde?

Sora's first keyblade is 'The Kingdom Key'. This is the most common keyblade used in cutscenes throughout the game and is the most recognizable keyblade.

Where did Sora become a Heartless?

Sora briefly became a Heartless in the castle of Hollow Bastion, when he used the Keyblade of People's Hearts to sacrifice his own heart and save Kairi. This is also how Roxas came into existence.

On Kingdom Hearts 358 2 days what is xion?

*Spoiler Alert* Xion is the "fourteenth member" of Organizatization 13. She is the one who was created by Sora's memories (She is NOT Kairi's nobody! In Kingdom Hearts 2, we find out Namine is Kairi's nobody.) Xion is a keyblade weilder like Roxas and Sora, because she is also part of Sora. Xemnas used Xion to make her "The real Sora" so the actuall Sora wouldn't wake from his slumber.

What are keyblade gliders?

Keyblade gliders are a vehicle used in birth by sleep that "glide" around.

Is the keyblade real?

No. The keyblade is a fictional weapon used in the video game Kingdom Hearts.

What Keyblade does Riku use in Kingdom Hearts 2?

In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku is first seen as a cloaked figure that helps Sora in certain parts of the game (ex: Land Of Dragons). He uses the Soul Eater during these parts of the game. Riku then uses the Oblivion, but gives it to Sora before they enter the castle in The World That Never Was. The keyblade that Riku uses after that is The Way To Dawn. It resembles the Soul Eater, but has some Oblivion and Oathkeeper attributes. An emblem that resembles the Heartless symbol is used as the keychain.

What is a 'Keyblade'?

The Keyblade is a fictional weapon from the video game series: Kingdom Hearts.The Keyblade is a magical weapon whose exact origin is still unknown. Although 'The Keyblade' was thought to be a single weapon, used by Sora, we later find out that there were many warriors and teachers who used to wield this weapon, but after a great battle that took place many years before the events of Kingdom Hearts, only few were capable of the Keyblade's power. The Keyblade chooses those with a strong heart and has the power to vanquish Heartless, Nobodies, and any other threat found within the series. The Keyblade is known to have the ability to lock and unlock anything.Keyblades come in many shapes and sizes, but usually resemble a large key, and usually have a special 'key-chain' attached at the bottom, near the handle. Keyblades also have many different attributes that affect the user's stats when equipped.

Did Sora split roxas' stomach open?

Although Sora did slash the keyblade across Roxas' chest, he didn't "split his stomach open" because of some obvious reasons. The most obvious is that Kingdom Hearts is co-created by Disney. Splitting a stomach open is too violent for a game rated E-10 by the ESRB. Also, the keyblade is too blunt to tear the flesh of someone, it's a mostly magical weapon used for the obliteration of the beings that threat the various worlds. (Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed).

What is Sora power?

SorA Power Inc is a manufacturer of electronic components used in the aerospace and military industries.

Who is Sora from Kingdom Hearts?

Sora is a 14year old boy that you play as in many of the kingodm hearts saga... (aka my crush). His friends are riku and kairi. Kairi (as you may already know from kingdom hearts) had her heart taken out. So what did Sora do as the hero? He used the keyblade on himself to save Kairi... also Riku went into the Darkness/other side when that happened too. So he turned into a heartless and you guys who havent played the game im gonna Ike stop writing now. But any way Sora is a very sweet, funny, heroic, awesome, and the person that you play as. His nobody is Roxas (note how roxas is kinda like made from the name sora.. yea made me go wow as well) And Roxas' life can be played in Kingdom Hearts 356/1 days. i know you sora fans are gonna update this and stuff but this is all i know so far.. oh yea wait a sec Kairi and Sora are in MAJOR boyfriend and girlfriend territory sooo um like yea.. but anyway i think that sora is awesome and that nomater what he'll always be the hero (unless he goes to the darkside) soo there you have that what sora is and is you want anymore info you can type up all this crap yourself (no offense sora <3 ya) ;)

Why was Kairi's heart fused with Sora's heart?

Kairi's heart is used for summoning Kingdom Hearts for her purity. Sora vanquishes his own heart to revive Kairi but turns into a Heartless and creates Roxas (Sora's Nobody) and Naminé (Sora and Kairi's Nobody) in the process.

Who is Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Roxas is a Nobody who was created when Sora vanquished his heart using the Keyblade of People's Hearts at Hollow Bastion. In the process, Namine was born. Namine is a Nobody that is half of Kairi and half of Sora. Sora turned himself into a Heartless, and when anyone with a strong enough heart becomes a Heartless, the empty shell left behind is turned into a Nobody.*Spoilers*This Nobody, Roxas, was found by Organization XIII and used as a way to gather hearts, since Roxas had control over the Keyblade. After Roxas left the Organization, he was defeated and put unconscious by Riku who then gave Roxas to DiZ. DiZ put Roxas in a virtual town and hid him from the Organization so that he could become one with Sora once again. This is the prelude and beginning to Kingdom Hearts II.For more in-depth information, see the question "How does Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days end?"

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