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What is the name of the first Keyblade Sora used?


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In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 the first keyblade used by Sora is the Kingdom Key.

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Sora's first keyblade is 'The Kingdom Key'. This is the most common keyblade used in cutscenes throughout the game and is the most recognizable keyblade.

Sora briefly became a Heartless in the castle of Hollow Bastion, when he used the Keyblade of People's Hearts to sacrifice his own heart and save Kairi. This is also how Roxas came into existence.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku is first seen as a cloaked figure that helps Sora in certain parts of the game (ex: Land Of Dragons). He uses the Soul Eater during these parts of the game. Riku then uses the Oblivion, but gives it to Sora before they enter the castle in The World That Never Was. The keyblade that Riku uses after that is The Way To Dawn. It resembles the Soul Eater, but has some Oblivion and Oathkeeper attributes. An emblem that resembles the Heartless symbol is used as the keychain.

*Spoiler Alert* Xion is the "fourteenth member" of Organizatization 13. She is the one who was created by Sora's memories (She is NOT Kairi's nobody! In Kingdom Hearts 2, we find out Namine is Kairi's nobody.) Xion is a keyblade weilder like Roxas and Sora, because she is also part of Sora. Xemnas used Xion to make her "The real Sora" so the actuall Sora wouldn't wake from his slumber.

No. The keyblade is a fictional weapon used in the video game Kingdom Hearts.

Keyblade gliders are a vehicle used in birth by sleep that "glide" around.

Although Sora did slash the keyblade across Roxas' chest, he didn't "split his stomach open" because of some obvious reasons. The most obvious is that Kingdom Hearts is co-created by Disney. Splitting a stomach open is too violent for a game rated E-10 by the ESRB. Also, the keyblade is too blunt to tear the flesh of someone, it's a mostly magical weapon used for the obliteration of the beings that threat the various worlds. (Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed).

The Keyblade is a fictional weapon from the video game series: Kingdom Hearts.The Keyblade is a magical weapon whose exact origin is still unknown. Although 'The Keyblade' was thought to be a single weapon, used by Sora, we later find out that there were many warriors and teachers who used to wield this weapon, but after a great battle that took place many years before the events of Kingdom Hearts, only few were capable of the Keyblade's power. The Keyblade chooses those with a strong heart and has the power to vanquish Heartless, Nobodies, and any other threat found within the series. The Keyblade is known to have the ability to lock and unlock anything.Keyblades come in many shapes and sizes, but usually resemble a large key, and usually have a special 'key-chain' attached at the bottom, near the handle. Keyblades also have many different attributes that affect the user's stats when equipped.

SorA Power Inc is a manufacturer of electronic components used in the aerospace and military industries.

Sora is a 14year old boy that you play as in many of the kingodm hearts saga... (aka my crush). His friends are riku and kairi. Kairi (as you may already know from kingdom hearts) had her heart taken out. So what did Sora do as the hero? He used the keyblade on himself to save Kairi... also Riku went into the Darkness/other side when that happened too. So he turned into a heartless and you guys who havent played the game im gonna Ike stop writing now. But any way Sora is a very sweet, funny, heroic, awesome, and the person that you play as. His nobody is Roxas (note how roxas is kinda like made from the name sora.. yea made me go wow as well) And Roxas' life can be played in Kingdom Hearts 356/1 days. i know you sora fans are gonna update this and stuff but this is all i know so far.. oh yea wait a sec Kairi and Sora are in MAJOR boyfriend and girlfriend territory sooo um like yea.. but anyway i think that sora is awesome and that nomater what he'll always be the hero (unless he goes to the darkside) soo there you have that what sora is and is you want anymore info you can type up all this crap yourself (no offense sora <3 ya) ;)

Roxas is a Nobody who was created when Sora vanquished his heart using the Keyblade of People's Hearts at Hollow Bastion. In the process, Namine was born. Namine is a Nobody that is half of Kairi and half of Sora. Sora turned himself into a Heartless, and when anyone with a strong enough heart becomes a Heartless, the empty shell left behind is turned into a Nobody.*Spoilers*This Nobody, Roxas, was found by Organization XIII and used as a way to gather hearts, since Roxas had control over the Keyblade. After Roxas left the Organization, he was defeated and put unconscious by Riku who then gave Roxas to DiZ. DiZ put Roxas in a virtual town and hid him from the Organization so that he could become one with Sora once again. This is the prelude and beginning to Kingdom Hearts II.For more in-depth information, see the question "How does Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days end?"

I'm not sure but i would guess that sense the keyblade is basicaly the only thing that can kill nobodies and when someone becomes a heartless a nobody is created and everytime the keyblade kills a heartless a hearts is sent up to the kingdom of hearts. and the members of organization 13 need kingdom hearts to become whole. so the keyblade is used to shut the door to darkness and to OPEN the door to LIGHT.

As a group it was The Silver Beatles The name The Beatles was first used in May 1960.

The name Aiden was first used around the 6th or 7th century in Ireland.

Riku wields many keyblades throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.They are as follows:-Soul Eater (used mainly in KH: CoM)-Keyblade of People's Hearts (used towards the end of Kingdom Hearts)-Oblivion (used in numerous fight scenes, mostly against Roxas)-The Way to the Dawn (used by Riku in The World That Never Was in KH II)

The first sixteen episodes used the song "Hishoku no Sora" by Mami Kawada as the opening song and the rest used "being" by Kotoko as the opening song. For the second season "Joint" by Mami Kawada was used for the first fifteen episodes and the rest used "Blaze" by Kotoko as the opening songs.

You cant. you have to do it all on your own. I used the keyblade you get from hades...and a lot of miraga

Kingdom Hearts is a story about a boy named Sora, who is very happy with where he's living, but is curious to as "what's out there." We first see Sora, as he's falling in a dream in the beginning movie sequence, and than he stops falling and opens his eyes to see that he is on his island. Sora than meets Riku, Sora's older friend who is a much laid back type of person. In the beginning sequence, a tidal wave knocks Sora away, but he's washed back up to near Kairi, a very mysterious girl who came to Sora and Riku's island years ago. Afterwards, Kairi points and Sora sees himself falling in the sky and becomes horrified. He then falls from the ground where he is standing. Sora is now in a very mysterious place where he must choose his weapons and learn how to fight. He than comes face to face with an enormous creature that he can't defeat, but a voice tells him not to be afraid and that he'll open the door. At this point, Sora's fate has been predetermined and he has no idea what it is yet. After all happens, Sora wakes up. He than takes a walk on the beach and is confronted by Kairi and Riku, who want to build a raft that they hope them to take them off their island prison. After a workload, Sora, Riku, and Kairi gather on 'Paopu' Island to discuss their plans. Riku, who is wrestling with the feelings in his heart, feels that the three of them could easily wound up somewhere else as he plays with the thoughts of destiny and fate. Riku is very much more passionate than his two friends due to his yearning for knowledge, who just want to have an adventure. Before leaving after the talk, Riku tosses Sora a Paopu fruit and says that if two people share it, their destinies become intertwined forever. Sora just discards the fruit as he took Riku's statement as a joke. The next day, Sora's first mission on the island was to find supplies for the raft. Sora than proceeds to enter the secret cave, where he is approached by a figure in a dark coat who proceeds to taunt Sora slightly while revealing small parts of his knowledge. Sora doesn't seem to understand and just forgets about it once the figure disappears, which follows Sora's attitude thus far being carefree and innocent. After being done with the raft, Sora and Riku race for the privilege of naming the new, completed raft. Riku than raises the stakes, saying the winner can also share a Paopu with Kairi. After this hearing this, Sora goes into the race slightly unbalanced and after the race is over, Riku says that he was kidding about the Paopu, and that Sora should lighten up. Seeing that Sora and Riku always needs to compete, shows their relationship may be on the rocks. Riku says he's matured and says many of things that interest him are to of no interest to Sora. Sora doesn't seem to be troubled about Riku's comments and just seems to brush it off, once again. The second day winds down and is over, and Sora and Kairi sit on the dock, thinking over the journey for tomorrow. Kairi comes out and says that Riku has changed and than goes onto say that only she and Sora should depart on the raft. One can assume that either Kairi has a connection with Sora here, or she dislikes Riku very much, or even both. Sora is shocked when he hears this and Kairi than says she is just kidding. Sora than says that Kairi is the one who's changed. That same night, a storm approaches and it provokes Sora into leaving his house to go to the other island. Once he reaches the other island, Sora notices the creatures from his dream, but he is powerless against them since he has nothing to fight with. These creatures chase him to Paopu Island where Riku is standing. Sora's dream is mimicked as Riku explains that the world is connected and that they are all leaving, putting his hand out for Sora to take it. These comments Riku makes tell us that he already knows something about what is happening to the islands. Both Sora and Riku are than enveloped in the darkness before Sora can reach Riku's hand. A few moments later, Sora wakes up back on the island, but he doesn't find Riku. Riku chose darkness from the beginning and he allowed the darkness to carry him away. Sora, on the other hand chose light and the keyblade went to protect him from the darkness. It was the light itself that gave Sora that weapon. Sora slashes at all the creatures in his way as he proceeds into the Secret Cave to find Kairi. The unknown door that's in the cave opens, which flings Kairi into Sora. Before Sora could catch her, Kairi disappears and just seems to pass through him. The wind from the door knocks Sora out of the secret cave and onto what is left of the island. Sora than finds himself with a huge shadow creature from his dream once more. Sora battles this creature, but before dealing the final blow, both the creature and Sora are sucked into some vortex in the sky. While this is going on, in another world, Donald Duck and Goofy find a letter left behind by King Mickey. King Mickey explains in this letter that stars are blinking out and that the worlds are in danger. King Mickey tells them to find someone with a key to their survival. He than tells them in the letter to wish good wishes from Minnie Mouse and Daisy. The peculiar knight and the ill-tempered mage set off to Traverse Town to find Leon and to begin their search for the key. Pluto, the dog, also joins them. Still at this point, the mystery behind King Mickey and what he is going to be doing is not yet revealed. Donald and Goofy arrive in Traverse Town to being their search while at the same time; Sora is dropped into the streets of Traverse Town. Leon and Yuffie end up finding him. Leon and Yuffie are also two humans that have been stranded on this world. After finding Sora who is unconscious, they take him to a hotel. Once waking, Sora mistakes Yuffie for Kairi, and from this, you could tell Kairi's safety was Sora's number one priority. After being corrected by Yuffie, Leon explains to Sora about THE keyblade. Donald and Goofy are than found by a woman named Aeris, who has long brown hair and a pink dress, and she takes them to another room into the hotel and also explains what she knows. Scenes than show switching between Donald and Goofy's hotel rooms and Sora's in which we learn about numerous things such as the keyblade, and that the little creatures that were after Sora are called heartless. They were tracking Sora by his heart, which they want because he is the one who wields the keyblade and they are afraid of it. In this scene, we also learn of a man named Ansem, who was studying the heartless and wrote detailed reports. Sora is told that he was chosen to be the master of the keyblade and that the heartless would continue to hunt him until he had it. Sora asks what has happened to his home, and no one can give an answer. As being set as the hero in this new world, Sora follows Leon out of the hotel, slashing at heartless along the way. While walking, Donald and Goofy come crashing down on him from a balcony above. Donald and Goofy are in awe as they see Sora possesses the key. The new trio work together and defeat the heartless, and restore some sort of order into the town. Donald and Goofy than convince Sora to go on a ship with them and they tell him that he'll have a better chance at finding his friends. The tone in which Donald and Goofy say it, the audience is convinced that it is unlikely that Sora will ever see his friends again, but Sora is convinced. At this point, we see some Disney villains watching Sora and his new friends. They talk of Sora as the "wielder of the keyblade trying to defeat the darkness." At this point, the villains just seem to be using this "darkness" to benefit themselves. We than go back to Traverse Town where Sora, Goofy and Donald prepare to leave. Once entering into the gummi ship, they begin heading to the new, different worlds. Once in each world, Sora must fight the heartless and lock keyholes. By locking the keyholes, the world is safe from the heartless trying to get in and destroy the world. He also notices that young girls, such as Alice from Wonderland, are taken from their worlds, and he has no clue why. While at the Coliseum, an important person that Sora meets is the famous Final Fantasy VII character, Cloud. Cloud is employed by Hades in return for some help to find someone. Everyone assumes that Cloud is looking for Aeris, one of the only other FFVII characters in the game. The noticeable thing when you fight Cloud is the one black wing sticking out of Cloud's left shoulder blade, and one black wing out of Sephiroth's right. Many theories of "fallen angels" and "partners in destiny" have come out his due to the mismatched wings. Later, we get see more Disney villains again, who reveal that they are working on a plan with the "princesses" who are falling into their hands one by one. Alice than shows up scared. We see that she is one of these princesses that the villains are collecting, as we presumed before. The gang, after locking two keyholes, return back to Traverse Town to get a navigummi installed on their ship which allows them to go to other worlds. Cid, who also fixes up the Gummi ship for the trio, tells Sora to run an errand for him, and bring an old book to an old mage named Merlin. While in the old cave, Sora has another flashback of Kairi, but he quickly realizes she's not really there. Shortly after resurfacing, Riku appears and Sora is excited to see him. Riku is shocked to see that Sora has been up to so much. We see that Riku has a sword, but it's not unknown where it came from. One could expect that he bought it while looking for Sora and Kairi. Sora than invites Riku to come along with them, but Donald refuses to let Riku come. Sora argues, but before than, Riku has vanished. Sora just shrugs his shoulders and goes to find Leon and the others. It wasn't very like Sora after Riku had disappeared, for Sora not to care that much. Later on, we see Maleficent with Riku who points out to Riku about Sora's uncaring attitude while the two watch Sora inside the old house with his NEW friends. Maleficent tells Riku that he has been replaced and he convinces him to come with her. The way we saw Riku become upset shows his character, but he became upset at the thought of Sora replacing him. It was expectant of Riku that he'll jump into the darkness based on things from Destiny Islands. We than go into the old house where Leon and friends explain that their world was destroyed years ago and that the ruler of their world was Ansem. He explains that Ansem was a good man and that finding his reports are very important. They also warn Sora of Maleficent. Sora continues on to lock Traverse Town and explore the new worlds which are now available to him with the navigummi installed. Later on, after Sora visits his first new world, Agrabah, we are shown a scene with Riku in the same room as the Disney villains. It turns out Riku had taken a part in capturing Jasmine from her world, and now since he helped, his wish was going to be granted. He sees an image of Kairi lying unconscious and he leaves to go and get her. Riku turns finding Kairi into another competition with Sora. Riku just want sot find Kairi in order to beat Sora at his own game. This just shows that he wants to prove to Sora that he's the best. Sora and Riku end up meeting again in the "Monstro" World and Riku grabs Pinocchio and runs off. Riku says things that make Sora think that he has found Kairi and it provokes Sora into following him. Riku continues at irking Sora, just before Sora reaches up to him. But before that, Maleficent visits Riku and warns him of the darkness in his heart. She asks Riku why he bothers caring about Sora, and Riku answers, saying he does not have any feelings for Sora. We can clearly tell that Riku is lying. Maleficent leaves and Sora enters, and he's furious at what Riku is doing. Nothing can be said as the boys must join forces momentarily to save Pinocchio from a huge heartless. After defeating the heartless, they release Pinocchio and Riku grabs him and says that he's going to use Pinocchio in order to save Kairi. Riku than offers Sora a chance to join Riku's side to save Kairi. Sora says he refuses and shows that he wants to fight Riku. The giant heartless than returns, but this time, Riku gets out, and Sora defeats the heartless by himself, and afterwards, Riku is no where to be found. Moments later, we see Riku standing over Kairi's unconscious body and he tells her that it won't be long before she is alright again. This is where we learn about the seven princesses of heart holding the key to open the door to all worlds. Riku now also gains the power to control the heartless. Now that Riku has found Kairi, he shows very little interest in Sora. This could show that Riku wants to get back at Sora for ignoring him back at Traverse Town, or he just wants to prove to Sora that he's the best. Sora's journey still continues at this post, defeating heartless and locking keyholes. Until, he meets up with Riku again while board Captain Hook's ship. Sora sees that Riku has Kairi, who looks to be in a very bad condition. Sora can't believe Riku for joining with the heartless. Riku seems to just laugh it off and sends Sora down into the holding area of the ship, and he commands Captain Hook not to let Sora near Kairi until they land. At this point, Riku seems to think he his greater than Sora by finding Kairi, AND by receiving the power to control the heartless. Therefore, he is very bitter and different. All of the actions we see him do against Sora are simply fueled with anger and spite. Sora tries to makes the best of it while at the bottom of the ship, by focusing on his happiness of seeing Kairi, instead of Riku's nasty attitude towards him. Riku than comes down to the cabin, carrying the lifeless Kairi. Sora begs for Riku to stop, but Riku just disappears, leaving Sora to battle a heartless version of him. After the battle, Sora sets off to find Kairi with a positive attitude. It seems right now that both boys want to find Kairi to get back at each other, but it still seems Sora really cares about making Kairi better. Sora than follows Riku to Hollow Bastion. It turns out that Riku has injured the Beast there, and when Sora confronts Riku, Riku takes the keyblade. Once Riku had taken the keyblade, and left Sora alone with the beast, we all realized, there is more than one keyblade master. After taking Sora's keyblade, Riku throws Sora a wooden sword that was used to fight back on Destiny Island. Donald and Goofy also leave with the new keyblade master, following the King's orders. Sora not knowing what to do continues to search for Kairi, with Beast along his side. Eventually, Sora sees Riku again, and Goofy and Donald re-join Sora. They fight and defeat Riku, who runs off. Riku, who is weak, meets up with hooded figures that were seen from Destiny Islands. The hooded man offers Riku more power, and desperate to defeat Sora, Riku accepts. Sora fights his way towards Kairi, defeating Maleficent, who got in his way. After the defeat, Maleficent went towards the inner chamber gasping for breath. Riku, who sees her, offers her to help in getting rid of Sora. When the trio sees Sora, they are amazed. They are amazed at seeing Riku's new keyblade, and they also notice that he sounds different. This Darkblade is described as a weapon that unlocks people's hearts. To show an example, Riku plunges it into Maleficent's chest! This releases the "true darkness" in her heart. Riku runs off while Sora is left to battle with the new dragon, Maleficent. After the battle with Maleficent, Sora meets up with Riku, again. Sora threatens Sora for Kairi's heart back, but Riku explains one thing, Kairi's heart is in Sora. In a flashback, let's go back to the night Destiny Islands was destroyed. If you recall, Kairi disappeared right before she would have collided into Sora in the secret cave. An explanation for Kairi's heart being in Sora is that the night before the storm, Kairi was in danger of losing her heart. And instead of simply loosing it like anyone else would, she placed it in Sora who was at the right place, at the right time. So remember when Kairi moved a little back on Captain Hook's ship? It's because her heart was near her. Afterward, we find out Kairi is the final princess of heart, and she is necessary in the opening of the keyhole in Hollow Bastion. But than, another twist. Riku reveals himself as Ansem, which shocks Sora. It turns out that the hooden man was Ansem all along. Riku than tries and release Kairi's heart from Sora, but in another battle, Sora vs. Riku, Sora wins. After the battle, Riku disappears, leaving the darkblade behind. Sora, who is rejoined by Donald and Goofy, think of a plan to give Kairi her heart back. Sora picks up the Darkblade that releases people's hearts; he decides to stick it in his own chest. As Sora falls, Kairi rises and she runs to catch Sora, but he disappears. The Darkblade than disintegrates into the six hearts belonging to the six other princesses. With the keyhole complete, and the place beginning to overflow with heartless, Ansem appeared and he was excited to see that the final princess had woken. Ansem tries to call upon Riku to use him to defeat Donald and Goofy, but Riku refuses to let Ansem use him. Riku yells at Kairi to leave before disappearing. Donald and Goofy force Kairi out of the room. She does not want to leave because she is worried about Sora and Riku, but decided to follow Donald and Goofy anyways. As they leave, one simple heartless is spotted and you're able to control this heartless and it's obviously, it's Sora. The creature chases after Kairi, Donald and Goofy. The trio recognizes that this heartless is Sora, but meanwhile, real heartless are swarming in. Somehow, as Kairi hugs the heartless Sora, Sora returns to normal and the four of them escape Hollow Bastion. Sora, Kairi, Donald and Goofy than return to Traverse Town and Sora explains to Kairi that she had saved him from the darkness back to Hollow Bastion. Sora continues to tell Kairi that he was wondering through the darkness, and he heard her voice. Her voice is what led him to her and saved him. Sora also says that he must go, and Kairi cannot come along. Kairi also says she is not worried about Riku and than he can handle himself, but could this just tie into her desire of wanting to leave Destiny Island with just Sora? Even though Cid is against it, Sora departs for Hollow Bastion to steal the keyhole and stop the large flow of heartless to all the worlds. Once arriving, Sora speaks tot he princesses of heart, just before he prepares to seal the keyhole. Before doing so, a group including Leon, Aerith, Cid and Yuffie confront of him. They explain that once Sora has defeated Ansem, the worlds will be restored, as will the walls protecting the worlds. When the walls of the worlds are restored, they might never see each other again, as the gummi ships will be useless. This upsets Sora, but he does what is best, and closes the keyhole. After gathering advice from the princesses again, Sora sets off for "the End of the World". This world id described the place is described as the remnants of all the worlds the Heartless have destroyed. Sora fears for his future once Ansem is defeated, but is reassured by Goofy that their hearts aren't going anywhere. Once they arrive there, it seems that the place resembles Sora's home. The island soon changes though and Riku can be seen here. Sora confronts him, but he turns around, becoming Ansem. Ansem explains that Riku cannot hear Sora since his heart is too far away. Ansem continues saying that darkness will always defeat the light. And right here, right now, Sora battles Ansem. Sora has to fight Ansem in multiple forms and in many places. Eventually, Sora weakens Ansem to a major degree. Despite everything, Ansem still believes in the darkness. He says that the keyblade is useless against the darkness. Ansem than invites for kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds, to fill him with darkness. Sora than says that Kingdom Hearts is in fact, light. The door opens, of which light pours out to cause Ansem to disappears, for good? Sora, Donald and Goofy run to close the door to Kingdom Hearts, and as they do, they peek inside and see Heartless swarming all over the place. A popular theory about Kingdom Hearts is that it was a door to the light, but the heartless took over it and used it as their breeding ground, and therefore, Kingdom Hearts is not really Kingdom Hearts anymore. It's believed that either the light and heart of all worlds has moved to a new location without heartless, or the heartless inside need to be destroyed in order to return the place to its normal state. Inside, we see King Mickey and Riku, helping Sora close the door. We see Mickey also has a keyblade. It turns out that it is an exact reverse of Sora's keyblade in appearance. The two keyblades are used together to seal the door and it turns out, Riku and Mickey stand behind the door after it disappears. The reason for Riku not being able to leave Kingdom Hearts is probably related to him loosing his heart when Ansem took over his body, and it might be the same case with King Mickey. In the end, the door has been closed and Ansem has been defeated. The worlds begin to restore themselves and Sora spots Kairi on what will reform as Destiny Islands. Unfortunately, the two friends must say goodbye for Kairi is going back where she belongs, and Sora has to stay where he is. As we see that Sora cannot return to his home shows that his task is not complete. He still needs to find King Mickey and Riku, and this leads to a whole new quest. At the end of the game, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are chasing Pluto, who has a letter from the King in his mouth. This letter is obviously contains valuable information. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora must still open the door to the light, as the mysterious voice says so at the end of the game. So it is probable that Kingdom Hearts is in fact, not the door to the light. Also, everyone seems to return to their worlds except for Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. Does destiny still need them? In closing, we see villains that are not officially defeated, and the darkness is not officially conquered, which gives an open window to Kingdom Hearts 2. The battle between light and darkness, good and evil is the central theme of this game. Hayden help

Yup, since childhood. SNEAKPEAK: They used to make out and have sex on the doorway.

Well, from what we can see, Sora used to live with his mother back on Destiny Islands, but has since traveled through the many worlds of the Kingdom Hearts Universe with Donald and Goofy on the Gummi Ship.

What do you mean? Like a spell that can be used by Sora and his two party members? The most general one is the "Trinity Limit", which is a tri-attack using Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

Usually, people are known by their first names. While most first names are not used as last names and vice versa (although it is not uncommon to find a name that is used for either), a middle name can easily be a first name or a family name.

Be prepared this answer is bound to be confusing/ long:Plot of Kingdom Hearts (First Game)The story of Kingdom Hearts begins in the the first game, Kingdom Hearts, released for the PlayStation 2. The protagonist is a young teenage named Sora, who lives in his hometown, Destiny Islands, with his childhood friends, Riku and Kairi. The three, in an attempt to explore other worlds aside from their own, build a raft, but are unfortunately separated when a storm hits the island. In the storm, Sora is granted the ability to use the Keyblade, a mysterious weapon that can be used for protection or destruction, depending on the wielder. After this, Sora soon finds himself on a different world called Traverse Town, where he is greeted by the citizens and protectors of the town, Leon, Cid, Aerith, and Yuffie, who encourage him to travel with Donald Duck and Goofy, who are in search for their King, King Mickey. In order to find the King and his own friends, Sora joins the two and visits numerous worlds, such as Wonderland, Neverland, and Halloweentown. During his visit in each world, Sora discovers the ability of the Keyblade- to lock the Keyhole of every world and fight against the Heartless, bug like creatures that attack and steal the hearts of others, and hears of numerous kidnappings of particular people. Sora discovers the fate of his friends and finds out that Riku, who has allowed himself into the darkness is manipulated by Maleficent, the one who controls the Heartless, while Kairi has apparently lost her heart ( which leads to Riku attempting to find it by using the power of the darkness). In the end of the game it is revealed that Maleficent had kidnapped the girls who are known as the Princesses of Heart, in order to open Kingdom hearts, a door with unimaginable power residing in it. After the defeat of Ansem, ( a scientist who had been testing on creating heartless), Sora is left to leave Kairi who has regained her heart, back on the islands, and continues to search for Riku (who had left to control the darkness within him) and King Mickey.

It's used for both. Usually females if first name.

the name would be gonk as it is used by a cave man

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