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What is the name of the last song heard in episode 105 of CSI Miami titled Ashes to Ashes?

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Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap Check here to be sure:

We Wish You a Merry Christmas is heard as the episode opens, Joy to the World is heard in church and the end of the episode & Gloria is heard at the Rapture,

I heard it's an episode called Pete's Christmas Caper

no. i heard that they ended the show at episode 8 :( but they do need to make another episode.

There isn't a song heard at the start of the episode. If you happen to be referring to the few notes heard when Lisa is painting Patty & Selma it's simply music composed for the episode.

Pretty much everyone worldwide has heard of Miami.

All the songs from the show are on Placed in order of episode and where in the episode they were heard.

I believe it will start March 4, 2010. Will be great! Hope you enjoy the show! i think it is sooner than that i have heard September 23 Thursday on fox don't quote me but that's when i will be watching to see the new episode titled "Olivia"

2006--self titled. Excellent album if you havent heard it :)

i heard it will come out June 20th

You obviously watched the episode if you know what happened so you heard the reason of why it happened.

I have heard rumors that it's gonna be episode 300. We will have to wait and see!

Waylon and Jessi have an album titled, Leather and Lace. But there is no song titled Leather and Lace on the album. I have never heard Waylon sing Leather and Lace.

I've heard rumors of a man in Phoenix who wrote and is currently directing a play titled "They Wait" It's supposed to be about Zombies and from what I've heard it sounds terrifying.

From experience not much, I've heard you might throw up from the residual chemicals, maybe nicotine.

I'm not too sure but I heard my Dad talking about it :P It is a series between England and Australia.

Awww?? Heard of**kiikii**

Well, what i heard is their soposed to kiss in season 2 episode 19. I don't know what the episodes about but that's what i heard. i also don't know when the episodes soposed to premier but they should kiss in the episode.

Im not shure but I have heard you can watch the little rock of horros episode

Oh Yeah by Yellow &Hippy Hippy Shake by The Beatlesare heard at the start of the episode.

Think I heard somewhere that it was about 4 million per episode...

No I heard there is a few more episode

Care to specify which episode you heard this song?

yes, but not in every episode i`ve heard

The song was heard in episode nine of season one - "Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo."

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