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Q: What is the name of the most famous white Bengal tiger?
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Can tiger be an albino?

Yes the white Bengal tiger is the albino version of the Bengal tiger. However this species is common unlike most albinos.

Who is also known as tiger of snows?

The white Bengal tiger also is known as 'the tiger of snows'. The white Bengal tiger is rare in nature and is found in areas of India. They also are in zoos throughout the world. Rather incorrectly, white Bengals are called snow tigers. Most of the white tigers in captivity are Siberian/Bengal hybrids, not pure Bengal. The white Bengal tiger in the wild occurs extremely rarely. The true tiger of the snows is the Siberian tiger.

Who is the most famous endangered animal of western ghats?

The Bengal Tiger

What is a description of a white tiger?

The white tiger is merely a color variation of the Bengal tiger. Most white Bengal tigers are white with brown or black stripes, and have blue eyes. They are the same size as other Bengals, reaching up to 600 pounds.

What is the white tiger hybrid?

Mostly i think it is a bengal tiger. I'm back baby from answering the most questions.

Does a white tiger live in siberia?

I believe so. some species of Siberian tiger are whie, but for the most part, white is a color variant of the Bengal.

What dose a white tiger look like?

A white tiger is all white with black stripes the most famous is a tiger is a Mohan.

What is the average gestation period for a white tiger?

A white Bengal tiger is pregnant for 15 weeks then gives birth to her tiger cubs and the most common litter size is 2 cubs.

Which is stronger a tiger or a white tiger?

It depends on the individual. White tigers are simply color mutations of the Bengal tiger- collectively they are no stronger or weaker than a normal tiger. Note - the recessive pigmentation variation that results in white tigers is unique to the Bengal tiger: no other tiger sub-species has this variant (i.e all white tigers are Bengal tigers). White tigers are not albino. Actually it depends on how the tiger has been living. If the tiger has had a good food source for most of its life it would have more muscle and energy making the weak one less stronger.

What is a summary of the tiger tiger?

All white tigers have blue eyes, it is not a species, just a variation of the normal Bengal tiger. It is a recessive gene that sometimes brings problems such as cleft palate, scoliosis or crossed eyes.

What is the size and weight of the white tiger?

Since white tigers are only white color morphs of the Bengal, they can reach 500 pounds and be ten feet long for an adult male.

What happened to the Bengal tiger's habitat?

Most of the Bengal tiger habitat is in India and it is being destroyed by people. People do most of the damage to the tigers habitat.