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He ended up writing the book your reading, The Outsiders.

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What is Ponyboy thinking in the book?

In the book The Outsiders, Ponyboy is thinking that he wished he lived in a different culture where there wasn't stereotypes or classes that people were made to fit in to. That everyone could be seen as human beings.

Where was the movie The Outsiders made?

The movie The Outsiders was made in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Btw just to say, Ponyboy and SodaPop are SOO HOT!

What is a Ponyboy?

A character in the outsiders. his name was just a creative one made by his father.

What was Ponyboy intentions in the book the outsiders?

After his whole adventure took place and he got back to school his teacher made him write a report on any subject. So.... basically the whole book was his report.

Why does ponyboy get sick at the fifth day at the church in the outsiders?

he had to many cigarettes and and it made him sick.

When was the book the outsiders made?

From my knowledge the book was first published in 1967

What did the curtis brothers eat for supper before the rumble in the book the outsiders?

Darry made two baked chickens, potatoes, and corn. Ponyboy also swallows five aspirins behind his brothers' backs.

How did the author foreshadow at the end of chapter 3 in the outsiders?

the foreshadow in the end of chpater threee is when ponyboy dies and every one is ver made

Who made The Outsiders?

Novel: S.E. Hinton -Susan Elloise Hinton Movie Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola

Has Toy Story been made into a book?

It has been made in to a book but a cartoon that kids can read not a novel.

What made johnny change his mind about wanting to die in the outsiders?

isn't it because ponyboy says he needs him? or is it because he saved the kids from the fire and he becomes a hero? it's been awhile since i read that book. it's a good one :)

Who made the novel gone in the wind?

The author of this novel is Margaret Mitchell. This is actually a good book.

Is a novel a chapter book or a picture book?

A novel is a chapter book. Typically a novel is a longer version of a story, which has been made up. Novels are fictional (or not true). Picture books are much shorter stories, with a lot of illustrations or pictures.

What is a epistolary novel made of?

An epistolary novel is made of documents. It is a book of documents like letters, telegrams, correspondence, newspaper articles and other similar items.

Is the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret a science fiction novel?

The book is a delightful science adventure / mystery novel that takes place in a Paris train station. It was made into a movie. The book is by Brian Selznick.

When was the movie Where the Red Fern Grows made?

When The Red Fern Grows novel book was made in the 1960s.

What happened to Hinton as a result of The Outsiders popularity?

famewhat happen is that they made a movie and they wrote a new book

What is a fantsy novel?

Fantsy is a fake,made-up story (witches,unicorns,dragons,trolls,ogers,phenoixs,etc.) A novel is a book. sooo its a Fantsy Novel :D

Use Imagery in a sentence?

There was an excessive amount of imagery in his novel, which made it into a book of jumbled words.

Why is darry upset with ponyboy?

Darry is upset with Ponyboy because Ponyboy is 2 hours past his curfew. Ponyboy was watching the stars with Johnny and fell asleep which made him late.

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