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Q: What is the name of the octopus in the wiggles?
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What is the octopus's name in Wiggles?

Henry the Octopus.

What is the name of the octopus from the wiggles?

Henry the Octopus

Who is Henry the octopus?

Henry is an octopus in The Wiggles.

Who plays Henry the Octopus in the Wiggles?

Jeff Fatt

Scientific name of octopus?

The scientific name for octopus is Octopus vulgaris.

What is the name of the dog on the wiggles?


What is the name for a baby octopus?

Baby octopus or octopi do not have a special name. They are just called baby octopus or octopus hatchlings.

What is the dog's name in Wiggles?

Wags the Dog.

What is the dinosaur's name in Wiggles?

Dorothy the Dinosaur.

What is a good name for a caterpillar?

Roger or Wiggles

What is the pirates name on the wiggles?

Captain feathersword

What is the genus name for an octopus?


What is a common name for octopus?

The common name for the octopus would be Vulgaris

What is another name for the octopus?

one name or the octopus is the devil fish

What is the name of the police woman in the wiggles?

Officer Beaples

What is a baby octopus name?

A baby octopus does not have a scientific name. When they are first born they are known as octopus hatchlings and are about the size of a flea.

What is the scientific name of octopus?

cabreana octopus

What is the name of octopus?

octopus,octpi and octopuses

How did the octopus get its name?

I don't KNOW is what I meant, the octopus get it name from their leg. or arms.

What is the octopus' Scientific name?

Name of common octopus is Octopus vulgaris .see link below .

What is the scientific name for a octopus?

The octopus are a group of animals, and not a single species. The scientific name for the octopuses is actually simply Octopoda; it is the name of the order to which all of the octopus belong.

Real name for the octopus vulgaris?

Common Octopus

What is the scientific name for the octopus wolfi?

teeny octopus

What is the name of the octopus in Sponge Bob?

Squidward is the octopus.

Is another name for an octopus cuttlefish?

The other name for the octopus is not cuttlefish, it is devil fish.