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There are several toxic alkaloids in the skin secretions of Oophaga pumilio, none of which is life threatening to people.

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When was Strawberry poison-dart frog created?

Strawberry poison-dart frog was created in 1857.

What can a strawberry poison dart frog do to you?

poison you.

What is the size of the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog?

The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog is about half an inch to one inches long.

What is the scientific name for a strawberry poison dart frog?

The scientific name for a Strawberry Poison Dart frog is Dendrobates pumilio.

The strawberry poison frog enemies?

what the enemies fo th e strawberry frog what the enemies fo th e strawberry frog

What is the red and black frog called?

Strawberry poison dart frog

Where does a strawberry poison dart frog live?

The strawberry poison-dart frog lives in Central America. The habitats range from Nicaragua and Costa Rica to northwestern Panama.

What is the color of a strawberry poison dart frog?

Strawberry Poison Dart frogs have a red boby and blue legs and feet.

What does strawberry poison dart frog eat?

Strawberry poison dart frogs eat ants, beetles, centipedes, and mites.

Is a strawberry poison dart frog cold blooded?

Like all amphibians, strawberry poison dart frogsare cold-blooded.

What kind of frogs are red in color?

Strawberry Poison Frog

What is the weight of the strawberry poison dart frog?

they are about 2 pounds

What is a male strawberry poison dart frog called?


How does the poison arrow frog protect itself?

Its skin secretes a poison which causes cardiac arrest and death when touched.

What does the strawberry poison dart frog use its poison for?

It is unused directly by the frog itself. However indirectly it has a chance of taking the animal that eats it down with it. The poison is created by the things that the frog eats.

How does a strawberry poison dart frog do to protect itself?

He poisons predators.

Is a Strawberry Poison-Arrow Frog a reptile or an amphibian?


How many strawberry poison dart frog live today?


Why are frogs poison?

Some frogs are poison there are toxic if you touch you died. some like the poison dart frog' golden poison frog' strawberry poison dart frog'yellow poison dart frogs and the green and black poison dart frog there are pboison frogs by edward nketia

How does the strawberry poison-dart frog make its poison?

eating a proper deit of ants and insects

What is the population of a poison dart frog?

Poison dart frogs are extinct in the wild. In captivity, the populations of poison dart frog species will be listed below. Cream-backed Poison Frog: 230-260 Lovely Poison Frog: 87 Rainforest Rocket Frog: 423 Mimic Poison Frog: Over 1,000 La Brea Poison Frog: 190-230 Splash-backed Poison Frog: 211 Dyeing Poison Frog: 2,000+ Phantasmal Poison Frog: 225 Mint Poison Frog: Less than 300 Strawberry Poison Frog: 2,000+ Okopipi: 78 Bumblebee Poison Frog: 470 Golden Poison Frog: 130

How many colors does the strawberry poison-dart frog have?

The skin of many poison-dart frogs is red.

How does a Strawberry poison dart frog survive?

it goes into the water and shoots poison at other things plus it has its mother

When can strawberry poison dart frog reproduce?

Sorry this was vandalized. They will typically mate in the spring.

How does the strawberry poison dart frog get its food?

with it's tonuge like all frogs