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Q: What is the name of the sacred book containing these five basic duties?
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What is the name of the sacred book containg these five duties?

The Islam five duties are witnessing that there is only one and one God and prophet Muhammad is God's messenger and prophet, praying, fastening, alms giving, and pilgrimage. These five duties are mentioned in the sacred God book called Qur'an. The details of these five duties and how to be performed are explained by prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

What is the name of the sacred book containing a Muslim's five basic duties?

Qur'an and Sunnah (prophet Muhammad sayings and practices). refer to the five pillars details in question below. If you mean the five pillars, then the book would be the holy Qur'an that was revealed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The guru granth sahib is the sacred book of which religion?

It is the sacred book at the Sikh Religion.

Which religion uses the book of kells?

Christianity. But the Book of Kells is not a sacred book to any religion, it's an illustrated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing four gospels of the New Testament and other texts. It was made by Celtic monks about year 800 CE.

Is the zend avesta sacred book of the persiana?

Yes ,the Zend Avesta is the sacred book of the persians.

A sentence for the word sacred?

Emily used a sacred book for church.

Which religion's sacred book is Tohra?

The sacred book of Sikhism is called the Guru Granth Sahib, not Tohra.

Is the Bible a book?

Of course it is. It is the sacred book of Christianity.

Is it true that the sacred book of Islam is called the five pillars of Islam?

No the sacred book of Islam is called The Holy Qur'an

How would you treat a sacred book?

With care and respect, even if it is not sacred to your religion.

What is a collection of scared hymns called?

A collection of sacred hymns is typically referred to as a hymnal. A hymnal is a book containing a collection of hymns or religious songs that are typically used in worship services or religious gatherings.

Is there a Islam sacred book?