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Q: What is the name of the second Skeleton Creek book?
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What is the name of the fourth Skeleton Creek book?

the raven

What is the name of the third Skeleton Creek book?

The Crossbones

What is the name of the third book in the Skeleton Creek series?


What are the Skeleton Creek book answers to watch the videos?

if you go on itunes and go to the store and search for skeleton creek, the have all the videos for skeleton creek and ghost in the machine and the name of the videos are the passwords :) it does work

What is Ryan's last name in Skeleton Creek?


What is the ghosts name in Skeleton Creek?

The Ghost Of Old Joe Bush

What is Ryan's Mom's name in Skeleton Creek?

Isn't it Synthia Mcray

Who is the skeleton man in the book Sammy Keyes an the Skeleton Man?

The old book shop keeper. But I forgot the name.

How did Skeleton Creek in Oklahoma get its name?

Skeleton Creek, near Enid, OK was once known as "Ephraim Creek" but in 1867, a cholera epidemic decimated a band of some one hundred refuge Shawnee and Caddo Indians camped along its banks. There were too many casualties to bury and their bodies were left where they died. In the following years the field skeletons blanketing the ground there resulted in its name being changed to "Skeleton Creek" in memory of the disaster.

Abook summary book name is the secret of heron creek?

Summary the secret of heron creek

Who is Alex Rider skeleton key?

alex rider is the main character of the book. alex rider is also the name of the series . skeleton key is book no. 3.

What is the subtitle of the book of exodus?

Exodus is the second name, the first name is the Second Book of Moses

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